Free Essay about Conflict Management Strategies

Published: 2022-05-19
Free Essay about Conflict Management Strategies
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Conflict with co-worker

Good performance in the workplace is defined by the co-operation of co-workers. I have never thought that I would be in a position to disagree with my co-workers one day. I worked closely with Alex whom for most of the times, I carried a greater share of the total work that was to be done. I ensured that I did all her work whenever she had stressful moments following her unstable marriage. However, she was never ready to help me in most of my duties at work. The whole disagreement started when I did not help her in the duties as usual following the tight schedule that I also had to follow at work. She came demanding why I did not complete the work for her and I felt like she was appreciative. She ended up formulating stories against me that have placed my work in peril. Our disagreement has reached to the organizational heads and I am waiting for the verdict in the next two weeks.

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Conflict with a client

I disagreed with my client following the charges that were supposed to pay for the services provided by the organization. Sometimes clients feel that the employees do not deliver services to the ways they expect. The client ended up giving me a negative review concerning my services to the company. I never got the opportunity to talk to the client to explain to me what I actually did wrong.

Conflict with my spouse

Although conflicts might be necessary to help spur the relationship in the right direction, it is important that they are regulated. I felt that my husband has not been giving me necessary attention and that he loves money than he does to me. He cheated on me and he was not ready to admit it. We reported that we had to part ways through a divorce.

Step 2

I think the client got it all wrong. Then client felt that I did not deliver the services to her expectations. The client might have expected that I could have given a lower price and appear as if I was willing to negotiate to lower prices. I thought that the customer might have had different expectations from what she got from the customer care desk. The customer might not have been given a better reception from the entrance and might have stereotyped the services provided by the organization. The customer felt that they were given a poor quality service. Her communication indicated that she might not have taken the services provided by the organization as a serious matter. I find solving customer crisis as one of the activities that I might enjoy. There are a number of factors that need to be considered in solving the customer crisis. The stages of solving the conflicts include listening to real causes of the crisis, do not apologize for the mistakes, act to satisfy the needs of the customers, never try to put blames on anyone, be specific and empathetic.

It might be hard to hold anger when the customers yell at someone. However, it is better to understand the needs of every customer and look for the most appropriate ways through which each of the problems can be solved appropriately. The employee major mistake that can be penalized by the organization is failing to listen to the clients complains. Some clients have cultures that make them want that most of their services be done appropriately and at a faster rate. I think the client felt that I should not have served her. A person of an opposite sex could have served her better.

Understanding my client perspectives do not change the way I view her. I feel that the most appropriate measures should be taken by the organization to ensure that all the clients are served rightly. The organization needs to educate the clients, set customer standards and do not go against what the customers expect from the organization.

Step 3

Conflict management strategies

Anyone can get into conflict with one another. The best do away with the conflicts is to solve them. The various forms in which conflicts can be solved include through collaboration, competition, compromising, accommodation and avoidance. Even individuals who are in the volunteer programs are also exposed to conflicts as they may disagree in performing the duties that they are allocated to perform appropriately. Solving conflicts help in building the inter-personal relationships instead of breaking them. In most cases, most organizational heads find themselves in positions that they have to manage interpersonal conflicts.

I chose to solve my conflicts with my husband through collaboration. In collaboration, it is a win-win situation whereby one side is satisfied by the outcome while the other accepts the outcome. I agreed that I might not have met her expectations and I swore to myself that I would have to do everything to ensure that the customer wins. In collaborations, the two sides need to be satisfied by the outcome of solving the conflict no matter what the situations put them through. It is important to note that collaborations include the exploration of alternative options that can be used to solve the conflicts at hand and solve it in the best way possible. We agreed with my husband the most appropriate solution was to solve the problem at hand was to end up in divorce. The solution was satisfactory to both parties.

I chose to solve my conflict with my client in as compromising style. I choose to lose the fight and focus on the best ways to meet the expectations of the clients in the future. I focused on meeting the company's expectations on the most appropriate ways to ensure that the client's needs are satisfied.

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