Essay Sample: Nursing Should Not Borrow Theories from Other Disciplines

Published: 2020-10-21
Essay Sample: Nursing Should Not Borrow Theories from Other Disciplines
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Nursing is among the few major professions that require advancements in knowledge to achieve targeted goals. In this profession, new things develop on a daily basis that assists nurses to sail along with the health changes that come up now and then. Borrowing relevant theories that contribute to nurses knowledge can help since one can get the needed direction on what to do in particular circumstances (McKenna & Slevin, 2011). It is such information that provides them with a defence system that they can use to base their arguments in tragic situations. With it, they can also come up with some measures that need to emerge to prevent and control atrocities in the health sector. This essay, therefore, views the borrowing of theories from other fields of study as an added advantage.

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Nursing, like every other foundation, has its foundation. It also selflessly shares its theories with other professions when needed. Expert knowledge is, therefore, important. In the case of nursing, for example, some directions from external experts are essential for nurses to develop arguments (McKenna & Slevin, 2011). This knowledge may emerge in the form of past information or current guidelines that overall assist nurses in handling challenging situations. Most people argue that this should not be the case since it would seem as though nursing is dependent on other disciplines.

This view should hold no water because the world of nursing needs this kind of information to build up the little knowledge that is already there. To keep up with growing trends, borrowing of theories then becomes a necessity for all nurses to equip themselves with what is wanted (McKenna & Slevin, 2011). If the perspective that borrowing is a sign of weakness persists, then nursing and all other major sectors will remain underdeveloped. The eventful truth of the matter is that if this notion prevails, some negative impacts will attack our society. All professions should get as much information and knowledge as they desire from other fields without fear of criticism.

The reason as to why people should accept this fact is because, in the past years, practitioners have defiantly borrowed knowledge from their colleague professionals to solve difficulties in their private environment (Risjord, 2011). This has led to the notion that other disciplines are superior and remain unopposed. According to ordinary views, this is simply because they can provide off the charts arguments as compared to other disciplines such as nursing (McKenna & Slevin, 2011). This fact has also brought arguments within the field of nursing. Some of them also believe that senior nursing practitioners should be able to gather and develop programmes based on the behaviour that patients display.

Nursing practitioners can create no boundaries when borrowing knowledge that may assist in advancing their field. Some theories are worth the trouble. These include theories from disciplines such as psychology, sociology, and ecology (Risjord, 2011). When theories come up from such disciplines, they can modify them or at the same time use them just as they are. The best mode of use, however, may be in their modified form so that they can suit the setting.

With this, nurses can use the appropriate models while providing healthcare to their patients. Using a single model will not provide the needed skills that help design sound decisions and conclusions. Nursing practitioners should develop these models in their numbers and come up with specific guidelines on how to overcome health problems.


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