Leadership Skills and Life Experiences Essay Example

Published: 2018-07-17
Leadership Skills and Life Experiences Essay Example
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Strong Academic Background

I believe with my strong academic background in engineering, coupled with self-determination to excel, I am a good candidate for your scholarship. I am committed to academic research, the building of knowledge and development of my educational skills, especially business and entrepreneurship field. My pursuit of knowledge and development of competence in the business field motivates me to be goal oriented and self-driven in my educational journey. Coupled with my strong leadership and organizational skills, I believe that I have what it takes to impact on the institutions academic and social network positively. I believe that your funds will assist me to accomplish my lifelong goals in addition to mobilizing the community towards the good of the institution in terms of community development and empowerment on socioeconomic affairs. My long-term goal in community mobilization is to build a strong structural network between the school and the local community in socioeconomic activities that will involve business initiatives, entrepreneurship, social work, and organizational projects.

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My previous leadership roles in a speakers club, football, and conflict resolution club will position me to advance my skills in human resource and people management while at the same time, uplift the institution's rich culture of producing some of the best corporate leaders in the country. While am aiming to sharpen and improve my leadership skills, I will endeavor to inculcate my good abilities within the institution's framework of the student's welfare in any capacity. I believe this will position me to advance my service-driven skills in cultural activities such as voluntary work and social work. In my previous assignment in social service, I was able to mobilize a beach cleaning drive, an exercise that helped me learn about the importance of working with people and involving locals in community-driven projects. Other activities that I have taken a keen interest in at the community level include Aids awareness program and donation of basic needs to the poor. Additionally, the exercise exposed me to myriad challenges of community mobilization.

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