Free Essay Example: St. Louis Community and Gun Violence

Published: 2022-03-29
Free Essay Example: St. Louis Community and Gun Violence
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St Louis is the community which is affected by gun violence in the United States of America. Students in a high school in the St Louis region joined the growing call for stricter control of guns nationwide after the shooting incidents in Fla, Parkland. Over 120 Clayton High School students took to a news conference to discuss the impact of ease of access to guns. Gun violence has led to increasing loss of lives and trauma for those who suffer the experience. Citizens have claimed that gun violence has become worse (Boutwell & Rosenfeld, 2017).

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How St. Louis Authorities Reduce Gun Violence

The local groups and authorities in St. Louis have tried to control gun violence. Through the gun buyback program, the local authorities of the community have been attempting to contain the issue of gun violence. The St. Louis Police Foundation bankrolls the cash-for-guns program. The cash rewards are dependent on the weapons. Also, there has been citywide university and hospital prevention programs in the aftermath of the death of deaths of 205 people in 2017. The St. Louis Hospital-Based Violence Intervention Program employs medical therapy and treatment for the reduction of deaths and new injuries from assault, stabbing and gunshot victims. The participation of victims of gun violence is on a voluntary basis, and they go through counseling sessions. Accordingly, the strategy of buying back weapons is one who is successful and will help in the reduction of gun violence. That of intervention programs which are bankrolled by police is one which has not yet guaranteed success because of the precedents which the police has set with the people of St. Louis. It is one which does not encourage the participation of the locals in these intervention programs (Lumba-Brown & Kennedy, 2017)..

Strategies Used by Other Communities in Curbing Gun Violence

Other cities such as New York has used the Public Health Approach because of the ineffectiveness of the liberal approach. The liberals who oppose guns have been counterproductive, especially the ten-year ban on assault weapons did not achieve much. The method of the liberals emphasized gun control which scared off those in ownership of guns. This should be framed for gun safety or reduction of gun violence and the use of auto safety as a model. The combination of the smart gun technology and safely storing guns have an impact on reducing the stealing of firearms in the USA.

Personal Recommendations

I recommend the tightening of Gun laws in St. Louis, which has been used previously in Connecticut and Missouri in 1995 and 2007 respectively. I do not see any reason why it cannot realize the same amount of success in St. Louis. The tightening of gun laws affects reducing rates of homicides, given that it decreased by 40% and 25% in Connecticut and Missouri respectively. The disparities that people focus on firearms and not on the weapons.

Relationship of Gun Violence Growth and Current Trends

The increasing trends in the occurrence of gun violence have led to lack of commitment of the public in affairs related to the cooperation with the police. This relationship calls for the need of sensitization of the people to take part in reports over issues related to gun violence. These issues have to be taken into consideration and acted upon effectively.


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