Speech Example: The Women's Reproductive Rights

Published: 2023-03-02
Speech Example: The Women's Reproductive Rights
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Access to adequate reproductive health is one of the fundamental human rights; however, the world seems to underestimate the sexual and reproductive rights of our beloved women, with over 200 million women lacking efficient access to contraceptives (Zampas & Andion, 2012). Additionally, an estimated number of 800 women are reported to succumb daily due to avoidable childbirth and pregnancy cases (Zampas & Andion2012). Should this be a significant cause of alarm to start regarding women's reproductive health rights? I feel that this is a significant issue in our society, and we cannot assume the matter anymore. I would start by quoting the famous statement by Margaret Sanger that "No woman can call herself free who does not control her body" when women start to explore their lives with lots of freedom, there is a feeling that they need to protect their rights since women's rights are human rights as well as any other right. It is really heartbreaking as we watch more and more states continue to pass laws that forbid women to have the right to abortion. For example, Alabama has laws that tend to prohibit abortion, even those including incest and sometimes rape cases. Do women seek abortion for fun?

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I firmly believe that every woman and girl need to have a right concerning their bodies, women also need equal rights, and this can be expressed if they are given the right to make an informed decision regarding their reproductive life and health. Some individuals like Ruth Bader Ginsburg argued that the focus needs not to be basically on the right to abortion but instead to women's rights to have control of their reproductive health and fight for better health care regarding their reproductive to reduce the current rate of death due to reproductive matters.

The legalities of several women's rights, such as the right to abortion are currently a topic of discussion in almost every platform from social media, streets to even various parliaments (Hendriks, 1994). I fail to understand why many people feel that when a woman decides to abort, it is considered more of taking a life. What life? Does it mean that women no longer care for life? Mostly is regarded as a woman's right to choose if she wants to save a life with her extracted bone marrow, but it is not her right to decide to abort; as far as I am concerned, all these decisions are regarding her heath.

I would love to repeat that a woman's reproductive right is also a human right. As members of society, we need to get together and help fight for women's rights because it is an excellent fifth worth sacrificing for. On the other hand, women should stand and fight for what is rightfully belonging to them, that is, full control over their reproductive rights. Everyone needs to be attentive to the issue that I am trying to air since we are all affected in one way or another, either directly or indirectly.it is my opinion that if a woman is not healthy and their rights are deprived, the whole community is also sick and feeling oppressed. I do not want to sound like a feminist or otherwise women's activist, but giving the women their reproductive rights is accredited and undeniable.

It is obvious that throughout our lives we have always interacted with our women and girls, and I believe that this has opened the mind for the understanding of the impact of reproductive health to an individual and the society. Regardless of the several challenges that women face due to the feeling that their reproductive rights have been deprived, there have been several efforts from individuals, families, and organizations in the strive for the attainment of the right.

I would take this golden opportunity to thank those families, organizations, and people who have played an indisputable role in the fight for equal rights in our society; through their hard work, we have observed specific improvements such as most women can now have access to contraceptives. There has been tremendous support from the governments as well as they try to provide health incentives to women (Shaw, 2006). For example, most states and nations offer free health care to pregnant women and free delivery as well. Lastly, life is what you design it to be to make the best, and everyone has a right to control their lives and destiny, our beloved women and girls are included.

In conclusion, women around the world deserve to be guaranteed their reproductive rights; however, some of the women and girls tend to be lacking the information about their reproductive rights due to limited access to information, retrogressive traditions, restrictive policies, and stigmatization (Coliver, 1995). I still feel that the progress is relatively on a slow-motion; therefore, to push for equality, we all need to be committed to women's reproductive health. I am also delighted to show my unlimited gratitude to those organizations such as the Global Fund for Women for their undisputable support to our beloved women and girls. I hope that we all continue to fight until no woman or girl ever fall victim of inequality, and women's reproductive right is full guaranteed throughout the world.


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