Some Questions on the Paper, Have a Heart: Gender Bias in Healthcare

Published: 2022-06-27
Some Questions on the Paper, Have a Heart: Gender Bias in Healthcare
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1. What expectations do you form about the paper based on the paper's title?

Regarding the first paper with the title 'Have a Heart: Gender Bias in Healthcare,' I expect the paper to demonstrate how the particular healthcare being talked about has failed to ensure the equal provision of healthcare for the citizens of the state regardless of gender. Furthermore, the paper should demonstrate how one particular gender is receiving more or better healthcare than the other as well as the negative impact of such biases. The title 'Does Online Dating Work?' should attempt to answer the question. It should demonstrate fully with supporting evidence if online dating works.

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2. What is the paper's thesis or central message?

The central message of this 'Gender Bias in Healthcare' is that women are not being accorded sufficient or better care, particularly with heart diseases while their male counterparts receive better care and attention. On the other hand, the paper on online dating main thesis is 'online dating is a good thing, and it works.'

3. Do you get some indication about what the thesis will be from the introduction?

The introduction of the healthcare biases has introduced the thesis statement well, and anybody is reading it can know that the writer will talk about how the healthcare system of the United States has failed to ensure gender equality when it comes to providing healthcare especially with heart diseases. The introduction of online dating has also introduced the topic well by stating that many it is not surprising that many people are turning to online dating.

4. How do the secondary sources support the writer's main points; what do they add to the discussion of this story?

The secondary sources used in the gender biasness in the United States healthcare have provided evidence to support the argument that the healthcare system of this state is gendered biased in providing care for women with heart diseases. For instance, the source by Kent et al. has demonstrated how tests used to identify heart conditions, particularly the use of troponins is more effective in men than women in detecting this condition. The writer of online dating has not supported the main argument with sufficient secondary sources.

5. What is most successful about this draft?

This draft has argued out its points using enough evidence from secondary sources, and it is easier to follow why the paper is of the view that there is gender biasness in healthcare provision regarding heart diseases. The online dating paper, on the other hand, has the arguments clearly articulated.

6. What final recommendations do you have for this writer?

I recommend that the first sentence of each paragraph should introduce the main point of the section as this is done only in a few of the items. This will make it easier to follow up on what the rest of the paragraph will discuss. Regarding the second paper on online dating, I recommend that data should be used to demonstrate how effective online dating has become, mainly numerical data.

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