Essay Sample on Socratic Dialogue

Published: 2023-04-03
Essay Sample on Socratic Dialogue
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Abortion is depicted to be a problem that arises on the ending of the life of a fetus through the removal of an embryo before it gets to survive on the outside world of the uterus. Abortion is classified into two, and it composes of induced and miscarriage abortions. Induced abortion occurs when some stages are done practically to end the life of the embryo. On the other hand, the miscarriage is termed to occur based on the aspects of not having the intervention on the growth of the fetus. It remains to be a vast topic of dialogue on the elements of abortion basing on the women and the end of life of the small embryos - abortion reins in the debate of the American minds on the wrong and right part of it. Abortion, according to ethics and biblical concepts followed by different religions and world views, term it as being vice and wrong. On the other side, the courts, women's rights movements, and the health sector remain to take abortion as the right way to save lives and also reducing on the emotional and mental aspects of women. Abortion is an issue that is considered to e ethical in nature, and the democratic communities separate on the state and church variance on argument levels. The Socratic dialogue offers two strong theses of either abortion is taken of being right or wrong based on debates of the women getting to remove the embryo for safety and also for avoidance of the responsibility.

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Abortion is a critical topic in the current world basing on the difference of students to vary on the issues of creating essential aspects of the school, marriage, and early childhood. Age and the school dropouts of tertiary institutions are designed though the variance of information that is not well relayed to the students. Abortion is termed to be a permanent decision that needs a lot of information and critical aspects to be harnessed for better take to be controlled and taken into consideration. The philosophical arguments on the abortion Socratic dialogue are well stipulated for illustration of the rights-based views. The legalization of abortion lies in the prohibition of unjust extents of the right to life. It remains very controversial in depicting the moral aspects of abortion. On the first argument theme of abortion, continuing illegally unacceptable is morally taken to be destroying life. The illegality of the claims of abortion lies in the demands put in the Bible. The law also provides for the right for life, and thus, abortion is termed to be an illegal aspect, and it is suitable to be of more safety to the embryo. Abortion also tends to threaten the life of the mother and the child to be born (Aumiller, 2019. The control of the population through abortion is not the exact means of containing large populations. The criminalization of abortion tends to be cause havoc to the women since they tend to get more complicated in handling the different issues. The deaths of both women and the children increase in the legalization, and thus it is good to avoid abortion for the life rights to be well established. The fetus has life, and it is entitled to be well illustrated for better life interpretations of how all activities should be carried out.

The arguments on the two theses of opposing and proposing on the abortion debate create a linkage between the discussion and questions raised in the Socratic dialogue. The analysis depends based on morality and the life of the mother. People tend to view abortion has been either morally wrong or health-wise suitable. Abortion remains to be treated as a crime, and in the 21st century, it is losing its centric to the look of its positive part. The queries raised depends on the morality and health aspects that need to be critically harnessed for better creation of good Socratic dialogue. The debate remains to hold a lot of arguments from philosophical, sociological, and cultural diversities that vary from one country to another. Abortion takes the most significant time of discussions on the evil and good part it has on society. People should get well equipped with knowledge and skills on how to get well with claims that are of help.

The claims are depicted well on support and rejection of abortion. It is good to solve different issues of abortion and treat it as per the circumstance. The two theses provided for comfort and rejection of abortion are well integrated for better acknowledgment of the Socratic dialogue. The variance incomprehension between the proposers and opposers creates a good debate for better interaction and solve issues amicably.

Abortion is wrong since the fetus has life, and the arguments provided by a scholar known as Mary Warren Anne are well stipulated with facts. The embryo is very important, and life should be protected since, on the biblical view, it is not acceptable. It remains to be supportive of argument aspects that include; it is taken wrong for the killing of the humans, the embryo is considered to be an innocent being that should be well treasured and given respect. It remains very wrongdoing for killing an embryo termed to be patient to the life is illustrated. The embryo is taken to be human and has the right of the living. The highly intelligent alien should be respected for the better misconception of a biological human and a person. The foetus, with time, gains the elements of the distinctive human characteristics. The features of reasoning, consciousness, the capacity of talking, and the self-motivated factors. It remains that the foetus has the right for the moral standing for entitling the protections for the lives. The convictions and the refutation extents of the foetus should be well depicted and avoided for reckless loss of life. The moral standings of the protections of different extents are very good for establishing the different versions of apprehending well, that abortion remains a crime. Abortion increases the judgment levels of how people think about different ideas and thus creating various factions of the analogical arguments. The world continues to be supported by world views that are strong and well-integrated through religion guides.

The women, as stated by Roman Catholic Holists, argue that abortion has a suggestion that the women should outmode for the roles they are entitled to for the protection of fetal life. Abortion is the unjustifiable capping of human life. Abortion is taken as a murder case since the foetus is considered a person from the time of conception. Poland remains to be the most viable country that made abortion to be illegal. The religious pressure remains to control most parts of the world, and therefore, the achievement of Poland for its illegalization of abortion is through a religious factual extent. The drastic reduction of the costs of child care and healthcare programs are significant for the illegalization of abortion (Devins, 2016). Therefore the other countries should emulate this for better integration of different facets to be well illustrated for more extents to be reduced. Abortion takes the moral aspect of the difference between societies that try to be holy and follow the religious view. It is challenging to get into abortion with the norms and culture taking the central part. Abortion is termed as being immoral since it makes young girls more irresponsible. The girls that get to abort at younger ages tend to have low discipline levels, and therefore most cultures avoid abortion. There are a lot of disparities of abortion in society, and it includes facing of discrimination and being unjust to society. It remains evident that the community should be respected through the bringing up of young children for the continuation of generations. The community remains the core pillar of the community, and most people have to emulate this through the avoidance of abortion issues. Abortion in most countries is taken to be of lack of religion and humanity. Abortion is taken to be a feeling of unjust to the young and therefore creating more problems that cannot be solved by people. The foetus has the same rights as the older people, and life remains pressures for all. The biblical view on reproduction and filling the whole world clearly illustrates that abortion is unexceptional. All people should strive hard to bring all people on board and solve all this menace for clear communication on the avoidance of abortion.

Abortion is done with an immoral and ill mind that tends to reduce the population. For instance, in India, the female foetus is aborted, and this is unjust. Abortion tends to create gender and abortion selection. The main issue is female foeticide that is taken as a deliberate abortion of the foetuses to be girls. The economic and social reasons tend to push the parents to prefer having boy babies. The parents tend to terminate the foetus upon the realization of a female baby. It endangers the girl child population, and this at the end of it all reduces women's rights in society. Women should be treated equally to men through the allowance of the birth of young female children. In India, it is illegal for selective gender preference, but on the other side, the number of abortions is very high. The proportion of females is lower as compared to male counterparts, and this creates more disparities in the rights of humanity to life. Female foeticide is a practice mostly, and this makes the population vary with large margins.

Abortion is not suitable since it encourages the Eugenics that involve the stopping of racial groups. The criminal act and human rights are breached due to the treatment of populations as being inferior in some nations. People with genetic defects tend to be stopped through conducting of abortion and this makes them to be distinct. Public policy is regarded as being breached. It is not fair and just for Eugenics to be initiated through abortion. The painful extents of the rights of humans and criminal acts. Gender selection and Eugenics are the aspects promoted by abortion, and this should be harnessed for the rights of humans to be well interpreted.

The other part of the argument on abortion being taken as being right or legal is for the sake of the women. The women's rights movement fight very hard to make the Supreme Court amend on the legalization of abortion to encourage the existence of women's rights in the community. Societies permit abortion to take place at a certain age, and therefore, it is clear that there should be bright illustrations on the circumstance experienced. Abortion has to do with checking of the status of health, rights, adoption, and the risk of losing a life. Abortion, as taken by the community for support, happens on the raise of the question for the sake of the health condition the mother is going through. The instances of health that permit abortion to be accepted by society are the problems of unstable conditions for the mother on pregnancy. Mental health continues to be a supportive part of abortion since carrying of the foetus while having stress increases the chances of losing the pregnancy. The other instance of abortion adoption by society is on the extent of having a pregnancy through the way of crime. The criminal activities that are vital to women usually are treated as being unjust. These criminal instances include; rape, child abuse, and incest. All these criminal acts are harrowing and severe for holding the pregnancy of women, and therefore, abortion remains the most alternative option to take. The instances of the quality of life of the child to be born also contribute to abortion is the most viable option. Abortion on the extent of class on the instances of physical handicaps, mental defects, and genetic issues.

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