Nutrition Essay Sample: Mineral Intake Analysis and Ways to Improve

Published: 2022-08-30
Nutrition Essay Sample: Mineral Intake Analysis and Ways to Improve
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Mineral Intake Analysis

My actual intake of calcium was 2235.79 mg against a daily recommendation of 1000 mg. Calcium is a vital mineral that helps in building strong teeth and bones and lowering of high blood pressure in the vessels.2 The upper limit for consumption is 2500 mg/day beyond which it becomes toxic. One will experience hypercalcemia, which leads to kidney impairment. I should keenly watch my consumption since I am nearing the upper limit.

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My consumption of iron was 33.95 mg while the daily recommended intake is 18mg per day. I was consuming almost twice the daily recommendation. Iron forms part of the hemoglobin in the red cells and myoglobin in the muscle cells.2 It also helps in maintaining proper brain functions. The upper level is set at 45 mg/day beyond which one may develop intestinal problems.

My intake of mineral magnesium was 329.11 mg against a recommendation for 310 mg/day. It is a crucial component in metabolism and the maintenance of healthy bones, muscles, nerves and heart.1 There is no known risk of overconsumption from natural sources but the limit from supplements is 350 mg/day, and hence I am in no danger.

I consumed 1871.66 mg of phosphorous, and the daily recommendation is 700 mg, showing my consumption was high. It helps in the maintenance of proper cell structure and is a component of metabolism activities. There is no danger of overconsumption, and the upper level is set at 4000 mg/day. Too little, however, can cause muscle weakness.

My intake of potassium was 3294.47 mg, and the daily recommendation is 4700 mg. Potassium helps in muscle contraction and assists in maintaining bone health. A deficiency of potassium in the diet can lead to hypokalemia which causes diarrhea and vomiting.1 I should increase my consumption to meet the recommendation since it is vital for my health.

My selenium intake was 329.34 mcg against a daily recommended intake of 55 mcg. Selenium helps the body to regulate thyroid hormones and is an antioxidant. Overconsumption has been linked with selenosis, a condition where the hair and nails become brittle and even fall off, and fatigue.1 I should reduce my intake since I am consuming more than the daily recommendation, which is toxic.

My sodium intake was 5539.62 mg against a recommendation of 1500 mg/day. Sodium is a crucial mineral that helps in the regulation of body fluid balance and transportation of substances across cell membranes. Too much sodium leads to increased blood pressure and hypertension. The upper limit is 2300 mg, which means I should reduce my intake.

I consumed 19.73 mg of Zinc against a recommendation of 8 mg/day. Zinc has numerous advantages, and one is that it helps in the healing of wounds and maintenance of the immune system. Excessive consumption is set at 40 mg/day, and it can affect the absorption of copper.

Improving my Mineral Intake

  1. Reducing my consumption of sandwiches, and nutrition bars to lower my daily intake of calcium, which is at toxic levels.
  2. Increasing the consumption of fruits, leafy-green vegetables, legumes and nuts to increase my daily intake of potassium.
  3. Reducing the consumption of tuna sandwiches and baked salmon since my consumption of selenium is at toxic levels.
  4. Taking advantage of bioavailability. Legumes, vegetables, and meat provide minerals that are more readily absorbed compared to other food sources.1
  5. Regulate consumption of fast foods to lower the sodium intake which is too high. I can opt for unsalted walnuts and dried apricots as a low-sodium snack.
  6. Substituting the breakfast cereals with whole wheat bread to reduce my intake of zinc.
  7. Consuming brown rice instead of nutrition bars and cereals to lower my iron intake.


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