Paper Sample on the Laws Regulating the Cottage Food Industry

Published: 2022-07-19
Paper Sample on the Laws Regulating the Cottage Food Industry
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Define cottage foods.

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Cottage food can be defined as the food prepared at home and sold to people outside the family. They consists of easily baked food stuff, and junk foods that has relatively low safety risks (Kivirist & Ivanko, 2015).

Summarize the arguments of the two competing perspectives of the cottage food industry.

The emergence of the cottage industry has been viewed as both an opportunity and a risk by different people. The sales of cottage foods are meant to be at the State level and not intended to move between states. The competing perspectives have made different states to handle the food cottage industry differently (Hueston et al., 2015). While some states ban the sales of the home foods entirely, other states have allowed the production of low risk products to be sold to famers markets and at community level.

If you had to choose a side, what side would you choose? Provide a rationale to support your viewpoint.

If I had to choose a side, I would choose the sales of the cottage food but encourage the states to enact laws to regulate the production and the sale of the cottage foods. The laws would ensure that the basic safety standards are met by the citizens who register to provide the cottage industry services.

Explain the inspiration for the initial idea to make a change in state law.

The inspiration for the ideas can be generated from state agencies, individual interests, and suggestions from voters. An idea can be introduced as a bill and gets a discussion by the relevant committees. If the idea gets sufficient support, it is moved to the house and the senate. If it gets the support of both the houses, then it goes ahead to become a law

Summarize the strategies for catalyzing changes in laws and/or regulations. In your response be certain to address: a) networks & personal relationships; b) scientific summaries for policy makers; and c) advocacy tactics. Provide an explanation of what YOU think would be the MOST effective and LEAST effective strategies.

Some of the strategies in catalyzing the laws include looking forward. The legislator needs to look at all the possibilities but still maintains the objective of the legislation. Another strategy would be to provide supporting information on the policy (Hueston et al., 2015). Unbiased contribution on the process of legislation is the most effective strategy provided that they are kept short and to the point. Another strategy though least effective would be to move to court to have a legislation on a policy.

Describe the challenges that the Local Foods Advisory Group had.

The Local Foods and Advisory Group were surprised at the revision of the ill. They tried to postpone the efforts so that they have a new bill drafted. Unfortunately, the group was shifting tactics when the revision on the bills had already occurred.

Who were the protagonists and what roles did they serve [relationship among each other]?

The main protagonists in the cottage industry were two vendors called the "cookie ladies" who petitioned the local state over the bill. They had a petition drive to add pressure to the bill to get approval.

Summarize what was done and what were the results from it?

The result of the petition was that the Local Food Advisory Committee began the efforts to postpone the bill until the conflicts were solved. The petition led to LFAC to work behind the scenes to ensure that the bill addressed the regulation concerns


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Kivirist, L., & Ivanko, J. D. (2015). Homemade for sale: How to set up and market a food business from your home kitchen.

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