Free Essay Describing Social Problems in the Educational System

Published: 2019-09-05
Free Essay Describing Social Problems in the Educational System
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Social problems are conditions that are viewed by some people in the society as undesirable. The education system has time and again been taken to task on issues relating to social problems. Currently, it is being depended upon to end issues that are deeply engrained in our society such as racism and sexism. This, they can achieve by revising the curriculum to incorporate ways in which school-age children can be poised to change their attitude. The students from low-income families should be provided with an education and job training skills so that they can fend for themselves and escape the life of poverty. It is no secret that the children from poor backgrounds find it hard to concentrate on their studies due to lack of sleep, hunger or even the constant teasing by their fellow students. This essay discusses how poverty affects the local community and the impact it has on the global community.

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Poverty in itself is a controversial issue because people differ on whether it should be defined in economic terms or as part of a social disadvantage. The monetary meaning of poverty is based on an individuals measure of income and their ability to meet their dietary requirements. Some researchers define the term poor as the state of lacking something whether material assets or in terms of health. In this context, poverty is considered a social problem since its effects can be felt by the society as a whole. Poverty in my community has resulted from issues such as cases of divorce in the family where only one of the parents is working, health and disability, retrenchment and natural disasters such as the hurricane or the drought. There have also been instances where poverty has been inherited down the family line. The rise in poverty has resulted in an increase in cases of children dropping out of school. The idleness they experience after leaving school has made them resort to drug abuse which has led to a rise in cases of crime across the community. It has also resulted in a higher rate of illiteracy and deaths since people cannot afford to go to hospitals whenever they suffer even from those diseases which are treatable.

Poverty at a community level may sometimes escalate to an extent where it becomes a global phenomenon. One of the effects of poverty on a global scale is that it affects the life expectancy of the poor. The lack of access to proper medication and poor diet has considerably contributed to the reduction in life expectancy. People from a poverty-stricken society tend to leave their homes and move to other countries to look for work, and thus, they erode the social fabric of their communities. When this occurs, it creates refugee problems with cases of illegal immigrants being on the rise. The kind of poverty arising from inequality creates some social class where the rich mistreat the poor people. The corrupt individuals in power only worsen the situation by inflating the prices of the commodities such that they are unaffordable to the poor. Such governments may be faced with challenges such as the rise in inflation rates or even sanctions by other countries. When such incidences occur, the international partnerships between countries are broken, and this affects the global economy as a whole.

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