American History Essay Sample: The Economic Force in the New Colonization

Published: 2022-10-24
American History Essay Sample: The Economic Force in the New Colonization
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During the colonial era, various social-economic religious, and political changes occurred. Way back before colonization era communities had started to establish businesses. During the colonization era, Dynastic had started becoming powerful had started to yell for economic dominance. Economic thrive was only possible through trade cheap labour and acquisition of wealth from colonies. In this paper, it is essential to discuss the economic forces that took place in the new colonization of 1492.

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Way before 1492, the Native American society, had settled and there was a mutual understanding among the communities who practiced the trade. The societies not only exchanged the material products but also they exchanged the norms and culture on issues of marriage, labour and spiritual beliefs. Additionally they people also involved in the long-distance trade (Leon, 2006).

The growth in population andthe emergence of urban centers, the demand for food supply increased. Also, many people had started practicing, farming and as a resul,t the food supply was in abundance. The farmers traded their food supplies to the emerging cities and towns

The authorities forced loyalty form people by harnessing trade activities. Those in powers allowed provided the traders with special trading privileges in exchange of support. The rulers from countries such as Spain, France and England lured powerful businesses men so that they could earn financial support that could be used for expeditions in the overseas (Leon, 2006).

The merchants in the European society anticipated the prosperity of the European continent could be achievable through trade. The merchants were attracted to the Asian products such as pepper, cinnamon, ginger, and nutmeg. These products were essential in for food preservatio The luxuryry products such as silk and fur boosted the trade links between the two communities (Leon, 2006).

The trade links between African and the European countries was a handicapped by unreliable water transport, the European dynasties heavily invested the in sips that could ease movement to overseas coastal regionsh. Te Portuguese ship makers and map experts, with the support of the king, they developed a navigation tool that was essential in providing the directions. The magnetic compawasea re crucial devces for navigation. With the use of the ships, the Portuguese were able to form trade links with the people of western Africa where they exchanghe European products for gold, ivory and slaves (Leon, 2006).

Additionally, exploration by some Portuguese people created new routes that boosted new trade route, Vasco Da Gama accompanied by other Portuguese ship navigated from Africa to India and as a re,sult they discovered a new route to Asia. The new route boosted the market opportunities for the Portuguese merchants. Similarly, the explorers went to new overseas regions in search of new economic opportunities. The mariners interacted and shared about possible opportunities in the Asian continent. Christopher Columbus approached the Spanish to support him in his journey from Europethe to Asian continent. Columbus convinced the Spanish government that the journey would benefit the country through the anticipated Asian trade alongside allowing the Christian missionaries to Asia. However, the journey did not commence immediately, it happened after seven years (Leon, 2006).

The European countries conquered and colonized weaker countries to exploit gold and acquired for clabourlabor. When Spanish attacked the Caribbean, that is, Cuba, Puerto Rico and Jamaica they took control of the gold and slaves. By 165o, Spain owned hundreds of gold and more than 16000 tons of silver that it had accumulated from the colonies, making it the richest and most powerful instate Europe. Additionally, a Spaniard a military troop attacked and took control over Arizona, New Mexico and Colorado in search for gThe absencesence of gold in those reas, forced the military to move to the Indian inhabitants in search of clabourlabor (Leon, 2006).

To sum it up, the European eager for power and wealth resinted to major economic and political developments. Trade between the Afand the n and Asian continents enhanced noty the economic ,growth but also the improvement of ship tran sport.The need for expansive economic development resinted to expeditions. From colonies, the powers in control acquired gold and slaves. Countries such as Spain became wealthy dthe ue to huge acquisition of Gold and silver from its colonies.


Leon, P. M. (2006). The broken spears: The Aztec account of the conquest of Mexico. Boston: Beacon Press.

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