The Blindside Book vs. Movie - Comparison Essay Example

Published: 2018-11-20
The Blindside Book vs. Movie - Comparison Essay Example
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The recent evolution of the strategy of offensive football

The storyline is presented in a film and book all of which tend to explain the same issue. The story investigates the recent evolution of the strategy of offensive football. It describes the techniques used by the right-handed players to adjust and do their best, Michael Lewis writes, “ In 1982 after Taylor had transformed the quarterback sack into the turning point of a football game, a new official NFL statistic was born." The two media, that is, the book and the movie, try to explain the information, but at some points appear defiantly. This paper explores the difference in the blind side Book and Movie. There is a notable difference between the number of words used by the particular medium to address an issue. The book tries to be more comprehensive as it tries to explain the interaction between Sean and Mike. On this note, the book tends to use more words to explain what is taking place in their meeting. On the other hand, the movie gives a summary of the information which is more of the communication provided by the book.

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The information from the book and that from the movie also fails to show agreement in the encounter between the two characters in their first meeting. The book tends to claim that Sean found Mike in the gym playing basketball. This is slightly different from what the movies claim; the movie does associate Mike with staring at Sean but argues that he was picking popcorn for his dinner “...champions are mot made in the gym.”

Ole Miss football

The book explains how Sean decided to have a fight with one of his team members. This takes place at Ole Miss, which slightly differs from the argument as per the movies. The video puts it that he fought but not with a colleague. He confronted members of a gang in the neighborhood “…after pushing an opponent all the way off the field….” The book also considers Leigh Anne Tuohy and Sean as characters of equal importance regarding their help with Mike. The movie, on the other hand, Leigh Anne as the central character and considers Sean just one in the background, therefore not a major character.

The book communicates different information from the movie in the event of Michael's interview. The film argues that Michael is accompanied by Leigh who waits outside as he, Mike, proceeds to the investigator's office where he is interviewed alone. Since his friend was left the agency, he was alone and had nobody beside him. The book, on the other hand, mentions Sean to have accompanied Mike up to the place of the interview. He was therefore interviewed by NCAA with Sean beside him “Michael needed somebody, and it was so evident that there was nobody in his life.”

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