Essay Example on Social Media's Positive Influence by Josh Rose

Published: 2019-09-16
Essay Example on Social Media's Positive Influence by Josh Rose
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In his essay Social Medias Positive Influence, Josh Rose discusses the influence of the internet on our society. The author argues that the internet and other Social Media have a positive effect, helping people to feel better, and not to feel lonely. He looks through the main ways of using the internet by ordinary people and paid attention to its positive effect. This essay is done as a combination of the description of the situation and the narrators thoughts about the problem. The author describes the situation and his conclusion from it. He describes two events happened in one day. And these events take place in a coffee shop, the visitors of which he examines and from where he communicates through the internet with his friends to examine the influence of Social Media to people around him.

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Josh Rose begins his essay from the example of positive using of an internet. The author describes a situation when he is sitting in a coffee shop and reading a newspaper. At this moment, he also communicates with his distant 10-year-old son using the internet through his mobile phone. He cant see his son every day, thats why he uses the internet to speak with his child (the boy is growing up in two houses at the same time). Josh Rose describes his feelings in this situation and makes an argument that the internet helps people to be closer, even when they cant see each other very often. The author argues that communication through technology isnt better than a living talk, but its better than a need to wait some days for an opportunity to communicate with a close person.

So, Josh Rose makes an experiment trying to examine the influence of the Internet and social media to peoples humanity. He asks his Facebook friends if the Social Media make them feel closer or father to people. This post burst out in various answers. The examining of this great amount of answers shows that the Internet drew people closer and holds away at the same time. Josh Rose argues that people turn down the technical device when it seems omnipresent and that a lot of technical devices captured our attention.

Then, Josh Rose decides to look around in the coffee shop. He sees some people surfing the internet or communicates using Facebook, another reading something on paper. And the author found himself doing both. He argues about the combination of physical and digital actions and the feeling of being more revealing. The author also paid attention that the persons sense of all the distance between the ones with whom they communicate using Facebook.

At the end of his essay, Josh Rose describes an internet as a metaphor of a human mind. He argues that the internet is more composite and fascinating item than people usually evaluate it. He makes a conclusion, that the internet doesnt ruin peoples humanity. It doesnt get inside oneself. It shows what is inside the persons mind. The author concludes that the technical devices do not control people. It doesnt change people. The internet is just a tool. And the problem doesnt in an influence of the internet on society, but in how people usually use it. So, the society must pay attention to the other aspect of this problem.

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