Free Essay on Hybrid Maritime Threats

Published: 2023-01-18
Free Essay on Hybrid Maritime Threats
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1. Hybrid Threats into Maritime environment - Italian Navy perspective

Hybrid threats are normally referred to as being an attack on the governance particularly that of democratic governance. Hybrid normally utilizes subtle, opportunistic, and far-reaching methods as well as seldom that have return address institutions in Italy that have weak governance are the ones that are more susceptible to the hybrid threats. The hybrid threats have always existed in Italy but what normally makes the hybrid threats distinct are the new forms of vulnerabilities that are presented by the globalized world that is interconnected through instant international communications, a system of finance and commerce. The hybrid threats in Italy normally represent globalization weaponization.

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2. Countering hybrid threats - INTERPOL perspective

The role that human intelligence plays a role in the counter-terrorism may not become overemphasized. The missions of counterterrorism are normally ably penetrating the target organizations via the capabilities of human intelligence. NATO has no given mandate for direct collection of intelligence or producing raw intelligence. The functions of NATO are normally limited to interpretation and assessment unless the alliance forces are utilized on the ground. NATO has greatly emphasized on developing of firm ties with the agencies such as Interpol in efforts to boost intelligence sharing with the partners as well as developing of extra technical intelligence capabilities meant for combating terrorism.

3. Maritime cooperation and hybrid threat perceptions in the Baltic Sea region.

Despite the increased level of awareness of the strategic and the security situation of the Baltic Sea Region located in the West, the location's security situation has increased being more complicated because of the turbulence that is within the European Union. The Baltic Sea region has been seen to have undergone many changes which have far-reaching effects for actors which have remained active in that region. The international/attention has greatly enabled the region to highly benefit from the rising regional security cooperation such as the improved connection between NATO, Sweden and Finland and improved military cooperation between all the Baltic nations.

4. The Threat of Non-linear War against the West: How do we prepare Hybrid warriors for Hybrid warfare?

Hybrid warfare refers to a military approach which mainly employs a kind f political welfare and it blends conventional warfare, and irregular warfare. In efforts to prepare the hybrid warriors for the hybrid warfare, there is the need for reviewing of the state legal approaches and the regulations of engagement for the maritime forces of security to make sure they are appropriate and sufficient to the task of countering and deterring the hybrid threats of maritime.

5. Hybrid Warfare at Sea: Perspectives on the Western Indian Ocean

The hybrid threat will become more pronounced during the near future of the Western Indian in the Indian Ocean part as well as in South Asia. The Indian government must acknowledge that in the borderless battlefield, it no longer requires depending on the military weapons and forces alone for it to attain national security. Hybrid war is mainly characterized by undefined battle spaces which may become waged from the territorial boundary of a nation.

6. Hybrid Maritime Threats: Is the law at war with maritime security?

In certain cases, the hybrid threats may be made more brazen although they operate in the gray zone in which the impacted government has few good response alternatives without increasing the situation into a form of armed conflict. Through strengthening of the private and public governance and seeking broader and deeper cooperation among nations, civil society, and institutions, people may turn globalization and their greater interconnectedness from being vulnerable into a significant advantage.

7. Countering Hybrid Threats in SADC: The Case for a Coast Guard?

The countering of the hybrid threats should be an equally adaptive and dynamic activity that is striving for keeping abreast of differences of hybrid that influence and help in predicting the tools that need to be deployed. There should be emphasizing to make use of a coastguard. The coastguard will be entitled to the role of acting as naval reserve forces that have the responsibilities in the harbor defenses, coastal patrols, naval-counter intelligence, and port security.

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