Free Essay: Slavery Leading Up to The Civil War

Published: 2019-06-11
Free Essay: Slavery Leading Up to The Civil War
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Slavery is the practice of, or it can be defined as a system that is based on using enforced labor on other human beings, the perceived others are African-Americans. During the period of civil war, those individuals who were anti-slavery were mostly within the north, they are commonly referred as Abolitionists and they had a number of conflicts with the south, the favorite slavery. Those who resisted the harsh system of slavery were treated mercilessly, the antagonist group referred the system as evil while the protagonist perceive slavery as excruciating liability to the society because they are the imprudent. A lot of women during the slavery era lost their lives and young children endured an ending suffering prompting the antagonist to protect their own by going contrary, while on the other hand the aged and the children did not work at all, but they were filled with comfort, with all necessities of life provided to them.

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The general situations of many of slavery was terribly miserable while their physical situations was getting horrendous, thus the anti-slavery fight on the ground of saving their own from the ruthless protagonist was eminent and an avoidable, Slavery were dismissed from a far more harsh suppression in Africa, or from worship and cannibalism. The African people were mistreated and the opposition of the slavery were fighting for equality for all since all of their human being. (Klein, 2005).

United States South secession was not only as a result of slavery but also because of the North who had rights and unfair benefit. The tipping political imbalance was another problem since the North had highest population compared to the South, thus the South was becoming intolerable in terms of crucial representation in the congress. Another reason for secession was that both North and South had two different culture and beliefs that was not easy to compromise and finally secession was opted as the last alternative and the best option remaining for them to pursue their wish, also they (South) received influence from other countries.

Years before civil war, there was a tremendous growth of the economic interests of the Americans living in the North compared to those living in the South. The war divergent route in the economic path bringing about the hostility among the two regions. Economics was the core factor in the war, the economic tension contributed greatly to the political tension. The Unions victory was as a result of economic realities, while on the hand conflicts and regional tensions endured, the end of the Civil War indicated the start of United States development economically and as one peaceful nation.

The congress reconstruction efforts failed because of the enforcement act, which the whites believed that it threatens their freedom since it had room for punishment of KKK and banning of the disguises. Another factor that may had contributed to failure is the constant prejudice in the South, which by then did not equally treat African race fairly, with an addition of KKK. This is when racism and political opportunism played key role towards reconstruction failure (Klein, 2005). The Einsenhower election happened as a result of 1877 concession that prompted the republican to make an agreement of moving troops out of south contributed greatly in the Reconstruction's failure. The black voters were daunted by the KKK and other groups from voting.


Klein, S. (2005). Writings on Slavery and the American Civil War (review). Civil War History, 51(3), 337-338.

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