Free Essay about Reforms for Affordable Health Care

Published: 2022-02-24
Free Essay about Reforms for Affordable Health Care
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Many individuals are unable to access health services in America due to many problems associated with the health sector in the country. The individuals without insurance die younger and live sicker lives from the current statistics. The AMA stands firmly to expanding the health care to patients in the country and protects them from the abuses in the insurance industry. However, this alone can not guarantee full access to health care for all patients in America. Improving health care access means having a broad view and approach, which may include the following recommendations.

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The government should make sure there is enough funding for the children health insurance initiative and maintain the expansion of Medicaid and ensure an increase in the same implementation in more states (Siu et,.al 2016). The program would see that children are taken care of in terms of health needs. A lot of children from parents who are unable to acquire health insurance lack enough medical care. However, with the implementation of such funding of the insurance program of children would ensure that such children have access to health care services.

The government should also ensure there is stabilization of personal insurance in the market places and try to maintain the market reforms of ACA. These reforms have also been advocated by AMA; the changes foster a better marketplace in health insurance and make sure that the moderate and low-income patients have access adequate coverage and affordable coverage (Bibbins-Domingo et,.al 2017). Through this initiative, the government should also encourage the auto-enrollment to the insurance program so that it can make sure that its citizens can access adequate and affordable health care services. They have an auto-enrollment program would increase the number of individuals being covered by the insurance industry for the services of health in the country.

The government should also discourage and oppose the selling of insurance plans by the insurance industries to small groups and individuals in the market, which fail to guarantee the pre-existing protection conditions together with the essential coverage of health care benefits and other protections which are associated with it against lifetime and annual limits and expenses covered by the individuals.

To improve the health standards in the country, the government should also address the shortage of physicians in the country. These can be achieved through growing the workforce in the health sector through the expansion of the number of graduate medical education slots in the residency program and their availability. It should also the loan forgiveness program in medical schools to see more and a significant number of enrollment for medical students. They should also remove the barriers which forbid physician immigrants who are trained from foreign countries to practice in America.

They should also employ the program of remote patient monitoring and telehealth, which will be essential in the improvement of the services associated with health care in the country. This is a reliable and cost-effective way of expanding health system capacity to the marginalized States (Powell et,.al 2015). The country's physician should have the assurances that the solutions offered by digital health are cost-effective and give way to payment.

My last recommendation would be that the government should increase the efficiency of the clinical workforce in the country. These can be achieved through the establishment of reforms of common-sense medical liability and decreasing the insurance industry and government regulatory burdens.


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