Essay Example: How My View of Theology Has Changed

Published: 2023-09-19
Essay Example: How My View of Theology Has Changed
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My view on theology has changed abruptly over the past weeks. Before the course, I was not aware of how theory plays a significant part in everyday Christian life. Some of the aspects like spiritual divulgence have enlightened me that God discloses himself in various ways. Typically, putting a limit on God's supreme strength and teachings is only a barrier to the plans he has for you. Previous to this course, I believed that theology was only something that either the chaplain or pious leaders knew to educate the word of God to other Christians. Nonetheless, all believers ought to be able to teach the gospel since that is what God anticipates us to do. Theology has provided me with well-rounded wisdom and has also changed my worldview by shaping how and what I do in my day-to-day activities. Additionally, theology has helped me to understand what God wants from us Christians. Religion has also educated me that committing my life to Christ and finding the time to educate myself on the scripture will not only be beneficial in the present but also in the future as we await his second coming.

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How I Practice the Principles in my Life

I can execute my philosophies by finding the time to read the scriptures quite often and trying to the prime of my capabilities to live my life following the Holy Bible. Consequently, the way I deal with other Christians is a mirroring of how God wants us to handle others. From the Bible, we are acknowledged to be kind and soft-hearted to one another and also to forgive others just as Christ forgives us. For instance, in my past days, it was a hard task to be able to give amnesty to others, nevertheless, by growing into the word of God, I am aware that it is what he anticipates and expects from us Christians. From this, I get to understand and practice my principles throughout my everyday arrangements. Conversely, being able to practice the philosophies taught from theology, it will be a long-lasting affair of expanding and developing devotionally in my association with God. I am also able to practice principles by using God as the only reference. God must be the only model that we should comply with since complete impeccability and unfathomable tenderness belong to Him. I also practice the principles on my own by following the path the Lord has set aside for Christians.

How I Pass the Information to Those in My Circle of Influence

Fundamentally, I trust that I have a sturdy group of control in regards to our divine reliance, and any knowledge that progresses along will be admirably accepted. With this influence, I will be able to help them know more about how we ought to be utilizing our spirituals talents to aid and pass along God's teachings to other members. For instance, teaching them that for us to allow God to be involved in our lives, we may not have a choice but to be selfless every time. In most cases, values are caught rather than taught, hence acting following what the scriptures dictate will help me to pass the information to those within my circle of influence. Moreover, people within my influence will be tempted to follow you together with the actions you display. Creating teachable moments by taking the initiative to talk about God when gathering with my peers will enable me to help my peers know more about God. These will help to pass on the faith and spiritual practices, thereby adding knowledge about God. Besides, providing a consistent message of love and truth will play to pass the information to my circle of influence because it helps to connect with the members of my influence circle. Moreover, it helps to display faith in action and its importance for life.

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