Free Paper Sample - Navigating Life: Unveiling Personal Beliefs, Attitudes, and Values

Published: 2024-01-07
Free Paper Sample - Navigating Life: Unveiling Personal Beliefs, Attitudes, and Values
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A person may be defined by the qualities that they exhibit, as this is a clear indication of their view on life and the values that they hold close. Beliefs, attitudes, and values (BAV) are the core values that an individual possesses and closely relate to how they react to the various events and occurrences around them (Stern, Paul, et al. 1995). Below is a chronological analysis of my BAV values.

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My fundamental core belief is in kindness to everyone. No matter what a person may be bringing to the table, everybody needs to treat everybody with kindness and sympathy. This belief that I developed from a young age after my younger brother was diagnosed with autism. His condition made him relatively slow and thus took some time to catch up with the events happening around him. Some kids would be mean to him in some instances, which made me feel terrible, given that the condition that he was suffering from as beyond his control. Since then, I have always resolved to be kind to everyone around me and, most specifically, the less privileged. This has helped me become a more adept member of society that is more relatable and easier to get along with.


Simplicity is my most conspicuous attitude, given that I try to avoid complexity in any issues that require my input. My approach to interpersonal interactions is a take or leave where I give my opinion, and in case there is a better suggestion to go by, I will always pick it. The reason why I prefer maintaining a simplistic approach in my interactions is because I believe that everybody is entitled to their opinion. After always watching my friends keep on arguing on whose idea holds more weight or should be followed, I developed this attitude. This resulted in the breaking-up of many friendships and ties. Through considering other people's views, one can grow and learn new approaches in handling different situations. A simplistic approach also helps to understand the main reason why your idea could have been better in a given case or why not. This has helped me avoid the entitlement feeling, which often affects most people who like having issues go their way. By maintaining this simplistic approach, it is possible to have a smooth sail in life, avoiding unnecessary controversies.


The critical value that I uphold in the highest stature is personal growth. My favorite quote concerning this unique value is, "Education is a continuous process that only stops at death." This quote has been a big motivation to make sure that I learn something new every day. Learning is growth in that the latest knowledge and skills gained to have a cumulative effect and aid in our development into better individuals. While change is a natural process, an individual has to take a personal initiative to make sure that they can match up physical growth with their intellectual development. It is a common notion for most people that, with age, growth occurs in all dimensions. However, this is not the case. It is possible to have an old individual whose growth is much less developed than a younger individual. Growth is a personal responsibility. Being in control of my life, I make sure to learn something new every day, which has significantly contributed to my personal growth and development.


A person’s BAV could be used as an accurate measure and indicator of their character. We are what we believe in and stand for. I therefore strongly believe that my BAV is the best definition of who I am as an individual.

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