Should Electronics Be Allowed in School. Free Essay Example.

Published: 2017-10-05
Should Electronics Be Allowed in School. Free Essay Example.
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Advantages and Disadvantages of Mobile Devices in the Classroom

Technological advances and the availability of information and communication make many colleges embrace the bring-your-own-device to college policy. This essay examines the positive and negative factors of these the electronic devices in college. The paper argues that electronic devices increase efficiency in learning, with the only core limitation being responsibility on the part of learners and tutors.

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Many colleges are embracing mobile devices for several significant reasons. First of all, college students need to access content. Mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones prove to be an easier way of accessing online textbooks (Mohanty and Das 80-85). Secondly, the devices improve learning. For instance, the lectures can prepare content and use PowerPoint presentations to teach. Another merit is that students can have meaningful learning interactions that include accessing assignments online and presenting it in the same way, creating peer discussion forums, and interacting with the tutors, who give feedback on assignments and other questions raised by students (Ciaramitaro 35-40).

Using Smartphones in the Classroom

One demerit of the technological tools is that it erodes the important contact between the lecturers and the students. Ciaramitaro (35-40) argues that education is not only about the presentation of content, but the illustration and the relationship between the learners and the lectures, which makes learning a holistic process. The fact that teachers can post content electronically and allow students to access content using their mobile devices means less work for the lecturers, whose role is to facilitate learning. The increased use of mobile devices in colleges is that students may use the tools irresponsibly. For example, students that do not have enough self-discipline could ignore lectures with the assumption that they will still obtain content through their devices. Moreover, students could engage in other side activities during learning sessions (Ciaramitaro 35-40).

In summary, electronic devices help in increasing efficiency and effectiveness in the learning environment. However, there is a need for critical policy guides to ensure these devices do not erode the crucial issues of responsibility and quality in education.

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