Essay Example on Confucianism, Daoism, and Buddhism

Published: 2019-11-04
Essay Example on Confucianism, Daoism, and Buddhism
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Confucius was a Chinese politician, teacher, philosopher, and editor of Chinese history. The Confucius philosophy greatly emphasized governmental and personal morality, sincerity and justice, and the correctness of the social relationships. His thoughts of Confucius did receive sanctions that were official, and they were further developed into a system that is well known as Confucianism. Confucianism, which is also referred to as Ruism, is a religion, tradition, a rationalistic religion or humanistic, a philosophy, a simple way of life or simply, a way of governing. The major concepts of this particular philosophy do include of righteousness, humanness, filial piety, loyalty, etiquette together with very stern adherence to the social roles (Palmer, Shive, & Wickeri, 2011).

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Daoism, which is also referred to as Taoism is a ritual, religious and philosophical tradition which is of the Chinese origin that enormously makes emphasis on living in harmony with the Dao, which is literally the Way. In contrary to the Confucian traditions, Taoism does not necessarily emphasis on social order and the rigid rituals that are paramount in the latter. Its belief is centered on the notion that life is happy, normally but should also be lived with virtue and balance (Palmer et al, 2011).

Buddhism, on the other hand, is a religion that is basically based on the Siddhartha Gautama. The major underlying principles of this system of belief are reincarnation, impermanence and karma. It has a belief that life is full of pain and suffering. However, the suffering could be overcome through the attainment of enlightenment. A state of happiness could actually be obtained through breaking away from attachments that are material and the purification of the mind. The other prominent concept of the Buddhist is the Eight-Fold Path, which stresses on the areas of life that can technically be practiced and explored such as the right intention and right speech (Palmer et al, 2011).

According to the news, the United Kingdom and Argentina have come into terms and have agreed to remove all the measures that restrict the gas and oil industry, fishing and shipping around the Falkland Islands, which have long been under disputes. There is also a pledge of the two countries to work together in issues that regard to security and trade. This has brought along what could be termed as the most positive development that has existed between Britain and Argentina for more than fifteen years, to be precise. Despite the fact that both the countries have been claiming the South Atlantic Islands, which already led to a war, the tension has decreased due to the treaties of business hat have been initiated.

Additionally, there is the enactment of a new kind of relationship whereby the people of the Falkland Island voted to remain a territory of the United Kingdom. With all these, there has been a state of peace as the two parties have come at a common base and agreed.

In regard to the news, a Confucius would totally agree with the terms that both countries came up with. This is so because, their philosophy emphasizes on the correctness of the social relationships between the two countries, justice and definitely, governmental morality. This is evident as the Confucius says that governing is to correct. If one sets an example by being correct, no one would dare to correct him but instead, they others would join on his correctness (The Analects, 12:17).

In addition to that, the Confucius would be glad about the news because of the state of togetherness that has been enacted by both the countries. According to the Analects, the Confucius states that it is important that the people are encouraged to work hard, and by so doing, one should set an example (The Analects, 13:1). From the news, the two leaders have set an example of hard work by signing agreements on trade which are supposed to be enforced by the people. By so doing they have encouraged the people to work extra hard and to work in unity, as well.

A Daoist, on the other hand, would react in a manner that is appealing, owing to the fact that the news talk about the fact that the two countries should live in harmony. There are major emphases of social order. In the cases of the news, social order has been enhanced between the conflicting parties and there is peace. As if peace is not enough, there is more room for trade, fishing and shipping, which show a notion of social order.

According to the Tao Te Ching, a ruler that acts recklessly losses the essence of Tao, and therefore there is no harmony as the Daoism represents. The Tao Te Ching states that when one cultivates himself with the Tao, then they embrace the original nature and does not indulge in the sensual nature. On that note, the person abides by the paramount Oneness and further, does not indulge in sensory pleasures (Tao Te Ching).

Since the two countries come together in peace, they abandoned their specific desires and they abided by the true essence of the Tao, as it is the case with Daoism. It is much easier for one to accomplish all things by acting without any personal intentions, as it was the case of the United Kingdom. Despite the fact that they had even fought for the islands, the United Kingdom saw it in the best interest of the region to come together in harmony, and this even made it possible for the people of the islands to vote for the United Kingdom as their territory.

Owing to the fact that the two countries are open for business, a Daoist would greatly recommend on that. This is because according to the Tao Te Ching, by the cultivation of a village, there are insightful gains into a village that is harmonious. However, through the cultivation of a nation, there are insightful gains that are extensive to the benefits of all he people but it is all through the Way. The leaders saw it best to rule the islands in natural effort and with tactics of bringing about peace. In regard to the Tao Te Ching, it is important to rule over the world with natural effort and peace, and this would eventually yield into a harmonious society (Tao Te Ching).

Finally, a Buddhist would applaud to this and greatly recommend on the measures that are being taken. Since the concept of the Eight-Fold Path emphasizes on the right speech and the right intentions, the news would be accepted in great enlightenment. Through the right speech, the United Kingdom and Argentina agreed to work in togetherness, towards the removal of the measures that were restricting the gas and oil industry, together with the fishing and the shipping around the Falkland Island which were for a long time under dispute. With the right speech, these restrictions would enable the region to have peace and harmony and that in turn would lead to better trade and better interactions among the people.

Additionally, with the right intentions, which were brought forth by the leaders, there would be more positive factors that would be attributed which include security and trade. To add on that, with the right intentions, there would be great positive developments in terms of the relations between Britain and Argentina (Palmer et al, 2011).

Conclusively, a Confucian, a Daoist and a Buddhist, would all be in support of the outcomes that the news brought forth. Daoism, Buddhism and Confucianism are considered to be a harmonious aggregate. And on that note, they all provoke towards a harmonious state of living, among each other. However, there is some indifference in their focus. While Taoism focuses on living happily and in simplicity, while at the same time in tune with nature, Confucianism advocates on the moral values and he societal rules, which the two leaders seemed to be in tune with. Confucianism also believes in the concept of setting a good example for other people to follow and in the case of the news, if the leaders show that they have put their differences aside and come together in peace and harmony, even the people will follow on their footsteps. The goal of philosophy of Buddhism s social harmony and their main principle is the brotherhood of all humanity. The news initiates brotherhood of all humanity as they are now brought together by their leaders into a state of togetherness.


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