Essay Sample on Family Therapy Schools

Published: 2022-09-26
Essay Sample on Family Therapy Schools
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Don Jackson, John Weakland, Paul Watzlawick, Mara Selvini Palazzoli, Luigi Boscolo, Gianfranco Cecchin, Giuliana Prata, Cloe Madanes, and Jay Haley

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Designing strategies in an effort to create changes. Individuals are strategic when trying to influence others, thus problems can be integrated into interactional patterns. Formulating problems and reframing them while at the same time considering the different issues and the purposes each serves. The primary goal is to develop a behavioral change through disrupting unhealthy interaction patterns.

Short term

It relies on symptoms of dysfunction.


Salvador Minuchin, Harry Aponte, Charles Fishman, and Braulio Montalvo

Joining family members to create structural changes and supporting what is going well within the family. The dysfunction or function of a family is determined by how its structure meets the developmental needs of each member. Challenging symptomatic behaviors, family belief systems, and structures Changing the organization of boundaries and distance between them.

Short term

Family challenges emerge from maladaptive subsystems and boundaries that are developed within the entire family system of rituals and rules.


Nathan Ackerman, Sigmund Freud

Joining confrontation, authenticity, and psychoanalysis. For a group that considers itself a family, there exists an objective of interdependence between subjects of the family, owing this to the hierarchy of generations as well as the distribution of roles. Conceptualizing a family group mental apparatus originating from the psychic deposits of a person as well as psychic contents of the individuals' transgenerational heritage. The primary goal is the realization of the psychic organization of the family group.

Short term

Depends heavily on Freudian psychoanalysis.


John Gottman, Albert Bandura, Albert Ellis, Aaron T Beck

Checking the moods of every family member, and setting an agenda. The therapist also should be authentic and real and often playful in an effort to promote individuation and flexibility. The attitudes, beliefs, and expectations of an individual control how he or she functions in life, and how problems within his or her life will be addressed. Roleplaying, and the chair technique where the therapist places a problem in an empty chair in the room and talks to the chair to solve a problem. Replacing negative thoughts with positive ones.

Short term

It makes numerous changes within the household and adapting to the changes can be a challenge.


John Warkentin, Thomas Malone, August Napier, Jean Piaget Modeling the uncensored experience that is transferred accurately and dependably in intimate relationships, including the relationship with the client. Unless the environment constrains individuals, they tend pend towards self-actualization and can reach their full potential. Ensuring authentic and genuine relationships when dealing with intimate. Redefining and constructive anxiety

Short term

The theorists are not manipulative, except in compassionate reframing.


Ivan Boszormenyi-Nagy

Promoting mutual understanding through fostering a dialogue between members of the family is paramount. Disturbances in families and individuals represent an expression and consequence of an imbalance in fulfillment and entitlement, and in giving and taking, especially in caring. Aims at balancing a ledger relationship by considering relational ethics and fairness in the relation. Contextualizing the difficulties of individuals and ensuring fairer and balanced understanding.

Short term

It is difficult to remove individuals from their generational rootedness


Murray Bowen Driving family members to achieve a balance of external and internal differentiation. Families tend to be impacted by a myriad of nuclear family processes multigenerational patterns, as well as sibling positions. Coaching, genograms, non-anxious presence. Gathering information and offering insights into the patterns of multigenerational relationships.

Long term

Therapy is considered complete when every family member has raised their level of differentiation.

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