Does Plastic Surgery Enhance or Destroy Beauty, Essay Sample

Published: 2019-11-04
Does Plastic Surgery Enhance or Destroy Beauty, Essay Sample
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Beauty is a collection of different qualities that appeal to the aesthetic senses of someone to see something or someone look pleasing. These qualities include color, shape and form that make one attractive. On the other hand plastic surgery is a surgical procedure done to enhance the shape of parts of the body that one may no longer wish to live with such as scars and wrinkles. Plastic surgery procedure includes the normal surgery medical risks such as unsuccessful one, unsatisfying results and even dangers of making the appearance even worse. The demand for plastic surgery has led to increased number of surgeons specializing in the field. Based on the pros and cons of plastic surgery, there has been a debate on if it improves beauty or it destroys it.

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Beauty depends on attractive shape and color which appeals to the sense of sight. Scars and body shapes, in particular on the face, do not appeal to the sense of sign and victims my dislike their appearance. Plastic surgery has been widely used to correct the problems. The color and shape of body parts are enhanced to look as per the patient's wish, and consequently, they appear more beautiful. Some people were born with some body parts and features such as ears when they were not attractive because of their size and position (Singer, 2014). The shapes of the body parts make them fail to appear beautiful and hence need correction. Plastic surgery is used to enhance their appearance by repositioning the parts of the body or removing part of fats and muscles causing the unwanted appearance. When one age and unpleasant old age features compromising with their looks starts to appear, plastic surgery is performed to help them regain their youthful appearance. Use of plastic surgery corrects features such as wrinkles and sunken eyes that make a person look old and unattractive.

Plastic surgery has several shortcomings that may inhibit its ability to enhance beauty. When plastic surgery is done, it may be unsuccessful, and the patient may develop complications that may make their previous beauty get lost. Some of the complications may be previous beauty get lost. Some of the complications may include infections that m lead to worse shape, color and form of the body. As a result of the plastic surgery, the beauty of the person would be destroyed.

Human body changes with age and interaction with the environmental factors. The changes tend to affect the beauty of the person. Over time, because of age and the environmental factors the youthful beauty of the body gets lost and the appealing nature of face and the other parts of the body disappears. In order to restore, the beauty, victims need to look for ways to restore the appealing look. After incidences such as accidents, one may have severe burns that may make their appearance look scarcely and entirely unpleasant to look at. Plastic surgery is a way in which the beauty can be restored. When someones part of the body loses its shape, color and form because of factors such as buns cannot be restored by failing to take have plastic surgery. Having plastic surgery have a high chance of restoring the beauty unlike when it is not done. Therefore, through plastic surgery have some shortcomings that destroy beauty, in most occasions, it enhances beauty. Hence, plastic surgery enhances beauty rather that destroying it as it makes the looks of someone better that they were before.


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