Short Gothic Story Free example

Published: 2022-10-28
Short Gothic Story Free example
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My heart pounded. I used my arm to wipe the sweat that dripped off my head. It was a rather dark night like a winter's day, and the dreary fog was not making it any brighter. I woke up, wet with sweat in a state of confusion. I could barely identify the old fractured house in the heavy darkness that befalls this night. The main gate to the house was locked, and the fence has spikes that ran up and down. One could not help but notice the imprints of upheavals this house has been subjected.

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As I struggled to gather myself, I noticed an old curved television over the wall. As I began to move closer, it lit up. The television is showing a video of my husband getting electrocuted. I could see his pain because of the shouting. At this point, I stand there with stiffened bones not knowing what to do or what to feel. My mind freezes for a while not knowing what to think. I wanted to run out and find help because of my determination to leave this trench. After the video finished playing, the snakes were released, and they started swarming all around me. I got scared to immediately made a run into the room to save myself.

As I entered the house, the first thing that caught my eye was a note that was written "I love you. Not even your husband can keep us apart." I was confused as I did not get what the note meant because I only had one husband. I was still baffled by the words on that note. The house was much darker than the night. The only flickering light that I could spot from inside the house was still as confusing as the current situation. The dim light provided enough light that I could easily notice distinct lines on the floor of the house that forms a path. Unlike the house which appeared battered in the vast tapestry of color, these lines were clean and quite clear. I proceded and followed the path not knowing what awaited.

The path led me to a dining area which was exactly like the one in my house. The room was lit with red and violet candles on the counter. On the table, there was every type of my favorite food. There was a similar television to the first one that lit up between the brutal looking combination of black and white. On this television, my husband had hooks on his chest and hanging from six feet high. This time there was no sound coming from the television, but I could feel his agony in his brutal torture. My legs became weak, and I almost felt like I could not walk because of the things that I was witnessing. All I could do at this moment was move far away from behind, still confused about the events of this night.

I moved until I found myself on a narrow stairway pathway that led to the house's basement. As I walked in towards the basement, I was dreading that my husband might have been waiting for me at the foot. In my head, I had already pictured him dead, laying there in peace. Unfortunately, this was not the case. Instead, I was greeted by a strange man who was very familiar. I had seen this man several times before. As I approached, he reached out his hand as he said, "Finally! I am delighted that I finally get to meet the love of my life." I was beyond shocked by the way that he was relaxed as if everything was just fine. I tried to collect myself at that moment, but I could not find words. Before I could even talk, he proceeded, "So, now that we are finally together, should we..."

It is at that point that I found words on my lips, "Where is my husband!?" He then looks at me and laughs as he walks around. I composed myself, but every time I tried to convince myself that everything is fine, I snapped. I was already thinking of how I could get out of this foxhole that I was in, but nothing was clear in my thoughts. I noticed a large black and yellow carpet that runs throughout the walls of the room. When he noticed my efforts, he pressed a button that caused one side of the wall to collapse.

What met my eyes was something that horrified me to death. My husband was in a gruesome state. He was hanging from his hands and feet, and his torso is falling. Beneath him were red hot lumps of coal. The worst part of all this was that he was still breathing while undergoing this brutality. Upon seeing me, I could notice him trying to say my name, but no word could come out of his mouth. I immediately rushed towards him and before I could reach him I heard the man say, "The things I do for love..." The ropes tying my husband were released, and two gunshots followed. With that, all the three of us fells six feet under.

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