Essay Sample on How Companies Learn Secrets

Published: 2023-01-04
Essay Sample on How Companies Learn Secrets
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There are a couple of reasons that companies intensively use to study their customer's habit that later translate into ideas they use to analyze the customers' secrets. Through the study of insights, major companies and retailers have employed scientific techniques to embrace their customer's move that enables them to track customers habit and thus easy to learn their secret. The knowledge about tracing customer habits is embraced during customers' major transitional periods for example when someone moves into a new town, when a lady gets pregnant or when she prepares to deliver her daughter. During these times it is always easy to monitor customers move and unveil the true secrets they have as per their current situations. The paper here analyses major techniques companies use to learn customers' secrets while purchasing their products and when they experience major transitional changes such moving to a new town as well as when a lady prepares to deliver.

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Target Interest

Several reasons lead us to why Target is interested in knowing the actual number of customers who are pregnant. One of the reasons Target is into this is because once they know which of customers are pregnant, it is easy to study their habits insights as per event occurred. Once Target studies their habits it becomes easy to influence customers subconsciously using the techniques of systematic insights. Target wants to know who pregnant women are to send them specific information to carb their minds to influence their minds and form a shopping habits for them as well as creating memories of Target stores.


Retailers are interested in collecting our data to structure our habits of buying when we are at the subconscious level of our minds. They also want to collect data we present to ensure that they can trace useful information they may use strategically to influence our buying habits. Our data in this context refers to information we present for computational settings that help companies determine our secrets about purchase pattern. Some of the data being collected includes the customers' baby-shower registry for pregnant women among other data used in the context (Brilliant & Handoko, 2018). The information presented here as data is ideal in unveiling customers' habit of shopping when they are presented with a different situation such as when women get pregnant and when a person changes to a new job and as a result, he or she navigates to a new town. As per researches presented in the article, the companies can navigate through individual customers' habit of shopping subconsciously, and it is in this position where most customers are desperate unconsciously. When customers are desperate, subconsciously it is easy to create memorable events that would translate to formed habits thus acquire their interest in shopping habit.

System Build

Pole builds his system of information by combining people and business record which he stored and produced data essential for business decisions entailing Target. Pole build the system by using the baby-shower registry mechanism; it is where he started manifesting from this excellent technique that aided Target through making a significant business decision regarding their customer's moves and shopping habits. The mode of data mining from the customer includes, Pole was using some specific means such as registering pregnant women. It was an ideal method because it covers data of customer when they are not aware. The knowledge discovery process was obtained through the pregnancy predicted score and sequences of various researches that Target employed to help them come up with an ideal way of discovering such tremendous technique used in companies to unveil true habits of customers when purchasing products.

Microsoft tools are an essential part of such a technique because it can help build a system like this one. The tool help in the system when storing data as well as when it is time to process it. The data stored in Microsoft Excel is essential and can tell the number of pregnant women, can also tell the type of products they are most likely to be presented with. This can help in monitoring customers' habit as well as products they are most inclined to purchase.

Data Use

Such a way of collecting data can be used for good and not only in a business context and computational states. The data can be useful when an organization wants to tell the number of pregnant women within a city as well as within a country; this is possible when various relevant bodies employ such a technique. The data is being used wisely in studying various aspects of customers such as their shopping habits, identifying their habits makes most of the companies supply them with most relevant needed components that might be useful in that period of situation example magnesium products for pregnant women.

The data affect me because on Facebook I like sharing my location and it is easy to note my movement without my consent. Am concerned with how much data companies have access to because of my privacy issues. The issue is a privacy violation because they can use the same data for insecurity purposes without my consent hence privacy violation.


Companies have employed various methods that they used to learn our secrets. Some of the ways include registry techniques. Despite retailers use, the technique is essential in other fields.


Brilliant, M., & Handoko, D. (2018, April). Implementation of Data Mining Using Association Rules for Transactional Data Analysis. In Prosiding International conference on Information Technology and Business (ICITB) (pp. 177-180).

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