Paper Example. Shakespeare and Victor Hugo

Published: 2023-07-23
Paper Example. Shakespeare and Victor Hugo
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In the film, the Intimacies of Shakespeare and Hugo, the director achieves a uniqueness in the form in which reality has been clearly distinguished from standard film fiction. The documentary filmmaker Yeulene Olaizola starts by introducing the viewers to her granny, who has an exciting story in a unique feature. The filmmaker's ability to deviate from regular fictitious events progresses from offset aspects to the action setting. The film has been acted within the Shakespeare and Victor Hugo streets in Mexico. Yeulene Olaizola takes her audience around a typical environment in Mexico and tries to unearth, possibly true story of a young lady and a strange individual living in one of her apartments, which are presumed to be murderous rather than a mere preacher. The film has been presented in an inviting and calm style encouraging interaction between the individuals while fostering a tranquil domestic sense, which makes all the events appear as being recorded in reality.

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The mood of the potential threats posed by Rios's condition was neutralized through a series of actions suggesting trust to the strange individual through the description given the residents such as Rosa Elena Carvajal. Rosa Elena Carvajal, who has been presented to be a lady who has been owning large residential houses in Mexico. She has been renting individuals rooms for many years. However, at her late age, she extends her generosity by renting an apartment to a young man she says resembles a preacher. The character representing Rosa's tenant, who had stranged drawings, music, writings, and strong opinions, suggests deviation insanity.

Other significant features such a Jack-the-Ripper Lodger identity, commonly known as Jorge Rios, is hidden from the audience until the filmmaker decides to visit her grandmother in Mexico. Such events creation suggested that the man being hosted was a hostile and serial killer just as Jorge Rios. He had a history of having participated in mass killings and rape cases. The granny and her servant Florencia Vega Moctezuma who initially regarded the man as a harmless weirdo, later discovers that he is a violent and lunatic killer who actively engages in brutality cases. The interrelation of events of the preexisting events makes the whole film a virtual reality scenario; in some cases, it can be considered as an extension of reality from an existing theoretical framework. Also, the setting of the film within the residential area between Shakespeare and Victor Hugo makes the documentary to be reflective of real events. Failing to hide substantial reality through fictitious naming of places and characters as adopted by other convectional films helps achieve different reality as opposed to fiction. However, What is the rationale of using strange man character in the documentary the Intimacies of Shakesphere and Hugo?

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