Essay Sample: Public/Private Versus Homeschooling

Published: 2022-12-01
Essay Sample: Public/Private Versus Homeschooling
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Education is an essential requirement in today's society. At a young age parents are advised to take their children to school .it is very difficult in this era to get any job without having been educated. Tertiary institution usually gives admission to those students who have performed well to apply and enroll in specific academic programs. Parents have a wide range of options to choose from the way they will educate their children .for instance; guardians can take their children to private or public schools, or want to school their children at home. Different parents have different reasons for preferring a particular type of school over the other, and this decision is left on the hands of the parent.

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The available choices of learning are private or public schools or homeschooling. Homeschooling are learning institution that is led and succeeded by parents while the government governs public schools while private are individual owned institutions. Homeschooling is an option of development of education at home setting rather than the school where the instructor is the teacher, and he or she gives a lecture and takes tests and examination to measure and evaluate the progress of the student. Parents make decisions on which type to select from the above lists putting in considerations their societal, monetary beliefs and historical familiarities with a different kind of schooling system.

Public or private school is my choice. There are many motivating factors behind this system of education. Public schooling is the oldest education system.It has advantages over homeschooling and majority of parents prefer it. Parents who take their children to public school incur low financial costs since they only buy school uniforms just for their children the rest of the requirements are catered for by the government which include payment of school tuition fees whether from humble or rich backgrounds .this is not what happens with homeschooling since parents incur all the costs from purchasing reading materials to the services of teaching at home.

Several benefits are gained by sending children to public or private schools. Children attending this type of learning institutes are exposed to social situation day to day out, and this leads them to be comfortable (Jessica et al., 127). While bullying can be the other of the day through exposure to these conditions, children learn how to withstand the bully thus making them cope up and carry out their daily routine minding less about the bullies.

There are some reasons why a parent might select homeschooling over public and private schools as the best of the reasons could be that of protecting their children, and this makes their children disadvantaged with certain aspects. Teenagers who have schooled in secondary public or private and have joined college have an additional advantage since they have the basics ideas of how the classroom operates and they have a view of the school system such as public learning and grading. These children are better prepared for the workforce because they interact with others daily thus making them ordinary and social beings. Children who are schooled at home are not ready for the interactive setting at workplace or tertiary level of education. Homeschooling hinders the children from getting to know how to act in a social environment thus sending children to school is the best option so that they can be prepared in many ways such as the social situation in college and workforce.

Private and public schools have sufficient funds which enable the students in these bodies to participate in extracurricular activities such as bands, music, drama, clubs, and sports among others. The school also have funds for purchasing the required resources for taking part in the activities such as games kit, first aid kit, and balls.With the incorporation of these activities into the school curriculum child grow up being physically fit beings, believing in oneself and self-confident.

Home-schools are gradually becoming popular due to their advantages over the public or private schools. Many parents consider the expenses of homeschooling less as compared to those of their counterparts. At homeschooling, there is a reduction of expenditure since uniform is not mandatory also there is no fees payment, thus making this type of schooling easier and cheaper to acquire.

Togetherness exists in the home school, as the child grows up him or her knowledge of their family values and cultural practices. Work in the family is done in unity, and people work together, and this is an essential aspect of learning. Each child is considered important in the family; thus they are given a chance to express their worth and role they can play in the family. Through this, the child feels important and a valued member of society.

Parents choose the best curriculum for their children putting into consideration the strength and weakness of their children thus enhancing the quality of education given to the children (Coleman). Also, the student-teacher ratio is reduced, and each student can get the attention of the teacher at individual levels unlike in public school whether the student-teacher ratio is high thus a teacher cannot attend to students at different levels.

Parents in homeschooling have the duty of preparing a lesson plan on every subject so that the maternities is comfortable in answering questions on different topics .the workload of home school is large and tiresome, a problem still arises on how the lesson is conducted. If there exists a difficulty in understanding a particular concept may result in the development of a conflict between the child and the parent.

In homeschooling the situation is secure, and parents have a feeling that their children are safe, they are free from peer influence such as drug and substance abuse, bullying among others, which is on the contrary to the public school situation where they, may influence by peers. In Kimberly yuracko article, she gives an elaborate reason why parents prefer to home school for their children, which she states that the majority of a parent who do homeschooling are majorly Christians. Religious parents opt to educate their children at home so that they can grow according to their faith .they say that sending children to public or private institutions would hinder their children from spiritual growth; they choose home-schooling as a way of protecting their children from large values and human influences.

The quality of education is essential for the better future of each country. Consequently, this calls for all efforts and financial support to be directed towards superiority schooling. The high quality of teaching in homeschooling gives it an advantage over the public or private schools. There still exists the debate on which system of education is better whether that of an individual or public school or the online or homeschooling. The decision is left to parents to make the correct choice.

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