Levy Case Study - Free Essay Example

Published: 2023-10-03
Levy Case Study - Free Essay Example
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Most people are facing hard times from events that happened a long time ago and believe that they are just sick. Therapeutic approaches have shined and worked to improve people's lives by helping them stand and be in their initial state. This paper's primary purpose is to study a client with the disorder of addictiveness and evaluate the therapeutic ways of treating him.

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Mr. Levy's opinion or perception is he has a sickness in a way that he is aggressive when her wife questions his knowledge. He wants others to see and share his problem so that he refuses to go upstairs; he admits that his problem started after going to Iraq. Her wife has a different thought, and she believes that Mr. Levy is depressed and rinks a lot. Her perception is that her husband has become an alcoholic, and he is destroying the family that brings them together. His alcoholism and depression affect the whole family without understanding what he is doing (Allen et al., 2016).

Their children will be affected by the character they will develop alcohol and substance use from their father. Also, the family is at risk of facing financial problems and violence, which may lead to a breakup. I think that Mr. Levy’s social worker’s ideas are superb, but the concepts should not be at the front of the therapeutic plans. Mr. Levy’s supervisor questions were very appropriate as he wanted the social worker to view the therapies suggested since they are evidence-based (Bortolon et al., 2016). The social worker needs to focus on the VA's therapies and then use holistic therapies.

The therapist session went well after she allowed him to narrate the incidents that happened in Iraq freely. She gave Mr. Levy time to talk freely and manage to identify the emotional distress state he was in and clearly explain her treatment (Colli & Ferri, 2015). My impressions of how the therapist worked with Mr. Levy are good since she clearly explains everything necessary to the client.

The strategy she used ensures that cardiorespiratory fitness improves, enhancing pulmonary functioning, and sympathetic nerve activity reduction (Ma et al., 2017). The therapy helps in confronting people’s stressors in environments that are safe by exposure to physical stressors or just using imagery (What Is Exposure Therapy, 2018). As endorsed by the VA, Exposer therapy is the best and most appropriate for PTSD treatment. The treatment would be my choice because its research is done and recommended by the Defense Department in exposer efficacy.

My response would be in a sympathetic tone to show the client that s/he is in a safe place. The therapy should not involve other life considerations but the only situation that Mr. Levy described. Reason being that the events are traumatic and are behind his Spiral loss of control. While providing supervision to this therapist, I would be sympathizing with her because of the story that the client is giving. I would advise that she maintain the boundaries in emotion to conduct the therapy without any countertransference (Colli & Ferri, 2015). The therapist should also be involved with family-related therapies because she understands more. To reduce damage from the impact in the future, the family needs to be supported, and the client showed love and respect he deserves.


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