Saved by the Bell - Personal Experience Essay Sample

Published: 2019-06-12
Saved by the Bell - Personal Experience Essay Sample
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My childhood life was full of challenges with full of lies. In my neighborhood, I happened to have friends who loved finding things on their own irrespective of whether it is positive or negative. I had that one dear friend by the name John. Whenever I was with John, we could do a lot of funny stuff others leading us to be punished by our parents. My mother kept on warning me that whatever we engage in, we should always try to be cautious and that we should mind other peoples property. But we were just kids by then, and that fell on deaf ears.

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We always wanted to be the first children in the locality to discover something new so as we could be labeled the heroes of the village. From our perspective, we never knew what was right or wrong after all we were just still but toddlers. One of our neighbors happened to have cultivated sugarcane in his garden. We always desired to have a bite, but we could not since the sugarcane plantation fenced to an extent that not even a cockroach could go past the fence.

Trying to act friendly, we decided to ask the owner if he could let us have some. From his side, the sugarcane was not mature enough to be harvested hence promised to let us have a bite when they are ready. Little did we know that while we took the right procedure asking the farmer to allow us to taste the sugar, had some of our neighborhood friends broke into the garden to steal the sugarcane. Who are we not to be the first suspects? Early next morning before the cock announces the rise of the sun; the farmer came home furious like a dog that has been bitten by the red ants. Your son is a thief, He told my father. Unlike my normal father who could weep me whenever I was wrong, I was surprised when he said, My child and I were here last night and there in no way he could have stolen your sugarcane. Outraged, the farmer took his leave lamenting all sorts of curses to whoever broke into the plantation.

Later on that same day, the news was all over the place with claims that we were thieves and no one should associate with us. Luckily, one old man who lives nearby called a village meeting. The agenda of the meeting was to set things clear on whom broke into the plantation. He said, While coming from my friends place last night, I notice some men coming from the farm carrying some bundles of sugarcane. With them, they had sharp machetes, and they were speaking in low tones to avoid being noticed. I hid behind a small thicket close to the plantation. So you see there is no need to accuse these little kids when the real fact is that mature people did the operation.

We were just saved by the minute, and all thanks go to the old man no wonder they always say old is wise. I have never faced such an embarrassing moment in my entire life after being called thief especially knowing that I come from a reputable family. From that day, I swore never to involve myself in matters that could put my family in danger.

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