Essay Example. Media and Stereotypes of Underrepresented Groups

Published: 2023-01-13
Essay Example. Media and Stereotypes of Underrepresented Groups
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Representation of people in society is a way in which the media put an effort on how to tackle the problems affecting the people through the use of books, films, and television. Besides these efforts addressed by the media group, it stills neglect the minority group of people. These group of people is; non-Christians religions, people from a different race, people with different body shapes, and those with disabilities (Rossler, 2017). The paper will therefore focus on how the media affects the underrepresented people in the society and also how frequent experience to media may impact insights of communal representativeness through reality.

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The media has misrepresented the society through enacting of various change, for example; tokenism, stereotypes, and typecasting. On the part of tokenism, the minority are being left aside as they are not able to get access to job opportunities due to domination by the advantageous groups of people. This has affected the underrepresented groups because they are not capable of sustaining their lives due to low living standards caused by unemployment. The other instance where the minority is being largely ignored is using stereotypes where it based their beliefs on the omission of misrepresented people regardless of their gender, race, ethnicity, and religious view (Frisby, 2015). This idea of assumptions leads to suffering and mistrust among underrepresented people since their problems may not adhere to by the media during the sharing of resources. Also, Stereotyping has manifested itself among the people of America, specifically through the view of the Arab, whereby there is a greater assumption. Western media is believed to be a major challenge to the people because it composes of terrorist whore are prone to theft. Typecasting is another vice which interferes with the existence of minority people from end to end in line for giving certain job opportunities to specific people based on assumptions of their long experience in that occupation. It has affected the underrepresented people in the fact that they are assigned the same duty at any instance. Hence they cannot prosper in life because of problems like low wages in their recent position they are holding.

The media does not gather for the underrepresented groups in the society of America as it does not provide a forum where people build-up courage to air out their problems. Moreover, the minority are limited during expression of self-interest, for example; when contributing on matters about them. On the same note, the media has impacted the minority people in the United States of America, especially in the field of the film industry. Films and entertainment department favors the majority groups leaving aside the minority groups. These industries produce films, and before they are acted, it ensures that it offers less concern on the part portrait by the underrepresented groups of people during the performance of the films. The misrepresented groups by the media are also unfairly treated since they are considered illiterate, coward, irresponsible, and view in the image of animal by the Whites people in America.

Also, films industries in the United States of America is a threat to the minority groups of people as depicted during the performance of the films where they are portrait in a negative way by ensuring that the traits shown by blacks people are irrelevant and hence uplifting the supremacy of White people and in essence their problems do not speak to by the State (Brettschneider, 2017). Similarly, the media has largely disregarded the rights of minorities in American society majorly in the film industries where they base their services according to race, for instance, switching off the images of the black people during the presentation of the films, and this will be disadvantageous to them because they are being unrecognized by the audience. This negligence has made the minority people in America to be considered as the second class. The underrepresented group has also been mistreated by the print media through discriminate them.

It is also apparent that African-Americans are underrepresented as portrayed by television. The state uses television to mistreat the minority people and the whole society by creating a boundary between the visible and invisible people in society. It only points out the part of the visible people to be respected and honored as compared to invisible individuals who are given less anxiety. Television also impacts the lives of minority individuals through provision of education on matters concerning decision making based on the principles of who and what is significant certain things for instance their freedom of being a black people and also ways in which they should approach this issue so that it can be given priority by the state of America.

The media and television have also come up with new ideas to address the problems undermining underrepresented groups in American society as drawn, which might have been ignored by major films industries. These industries have failed to present the interests of minority people by not keenly following the problems brought to them based on non-inclusion in certain films and their limit during the presentation if included. The rise of this challenge on the side of the minority group of people in the American society is because of dominant individuals who are mostly the white people, and they only value their interests rather the people around them.

Television as a mean communication has also portrayed the minority groups of people in America as dishonest, lazy, quacks, thieves, unskilled, and dumb. This made them being given less privilege by the Whites in American society, and they were not able to access resources that should have been theirs. African-Americans in the United States of America were similarly treated as unskilled hence it was difficult for them to get access to jobs opportunities since they were feared by other people that their services were of low qualities as compared to those that were provided by the White people. Apparently, due to this disregard, it was advantageous on the part of minority people even if they were skilled.

The media too, misrepresented some information upon the minority people in American society. It was seen when it printed some materials of different articles which varied their presentation and messages which revealed the nature of the black people. There were people who were reading black press articles about their episodes, and as a result, they acquired different knowledge after going through it as compared to those who read general market press writers. This misleads by the press media made the African-American to come up with a clue of circulation of African-American newspapers throughout the country to expose their truthfulness. There was also an urgent need by the African-American to relate the circulation of black newspapers with the freedom rights.

Furthermore, after the Whites industries realized this, they came up with a policy which banned the black films from popularizing the spread of their films throughout the country. As a result, it led to major challenges among the black people in America as they were not able to present their difficulties to the State to be adhered to. After the re-birth of the nation, the black Americans recognized that the films industry could not resolve their problems, and they had to change the tactics concerning this matter. They use media to initiate their own films industries that helped them to act their movies and also to be known as human being unlike before where they were viewed as the images of animals. The films that were acted also focuses on black Americans as people who can govern a given state, and this is demonstrated by the films that were produced by the Lincoln Motion Company. These movies were based on the realization of Negroes who were living in the United States of America. The awareness of ambitiousness that was adopted from Johnson brothers Company was significant among the black people as it ended up in the release of Blacks who had been initially jailed by the State of America leading to acting of justice among the black race. The mindfulness depicted by Johnson brothers was non-ethnic since the films they produced gathered for both represented and underrepresented people.

Even though there were companies that advocated for the rights of minorities in the United States of America, the White people were not impressed with this idea, and they closed the industries that produce the films fighting for the rights of black races so that they would become their subjects forever. Television has helped the underrepresented group as portrayed from the instance whereby the children watch it, and after that, they imitate what they have seen. Children will later use the positive virtues they have obtained after watching certain films. This positive virtue is how they should treat those around them in a fair and humorous manner as a way setting a good example by advocating for the rights of misrepresented in the American society because they are not able to air out their grievances to those in authority.

Television had also depicted the rights of the minority as drawn when children engaged themselves in watching of some films and later it helped them to create a vivid picture which they see it as a reality in their lives because they admire what they have just watch to become a reality one day. They also neglect some virtues which are unbearable in their lives and go for one which is beneficial to them. Through expose to television by the minority people in America, it has enhanced social stereotypes regardless of other vices such as cultural diversity ( Croteau, 2013). Also, television has created a good image on the side of the minority in America through the presentation of blacks in a positive way. Black Americans are treated positively in such a way that television has portrayed them being univalent and less involvement in criminal cases. Also, the Latinos were given less chance during the presentation process.

The films, for instance, Blaxploitation films, helped the minority group of people in America since the actors were mainly against the black race. This made them gain courage after they realized how they were being mistreated by the White people after the presentation of the films. The media illustrates how minority people are being abused by the dominant generation. This can be seen in a case whereby when they are discovered that they are blamed as drug dealers, the media then spreads negative propaganda about them. They also view the drug dealers as the people who are ready to perform any form of injustices, for example; involving themselves in cases of murder. This issue of black being treated like a drug dealer was advantageous to corrupt police officers because it was a channel where they could bribe money from the misrepresented group.

In conclusion, the media and television have some effects on underrepresented people as viewed from its cultivation theory. Cultivation theory means several exposures of the media by the people, which in return make them feel as if what they have gained after watching is facts. This strong belief by the people concerning frequent exposure to the media has helped the underrepresented groups of individuals to be creative through shaping them regarding their surroundings. Cultivation theory is a portrait by television in the instance where it broadly focuses on public messages rather than restricting to certain groups of people leading to negligence of underrepresented people.

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