Free Essay Comprising a Social Media Campaign for Adidas Company

Published: 2022-07-19
Free Essay Comprising a Social Media Campaign for Adidas Company
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Social media has become an indispensable tool for marketers in the US and around the world. Many people have social media profiles across diverse platforms to network and connect with friends. Marketers have identified the online space as an area where they can engage consumers on a variety of reasons such as creating brand awareness, driving sales, and driving traffic to the brand website, etc.

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Step 1 - Choosing a company

I pick Adidas as the company I want to work with in creating a social media campaign. It is a German manufacturer of shoes, clothing, and accessories that are popular among the youth and sports enthusiasts.

Step 2 - The goal of the social media marketing campaign

The goal of my marketing campaign is to increase brand awareness by generating a significant online buzz. Making customers aware of the brand is one of the core reasons why most marketers use social media to create campaigns (Lua, 2017). Increasing awareness requires the company to be visible in the right way and in the appropriate platform to be effective. People spend a sizeable amount of their daily lives on social media, and hence it is one of the best places to attract a customer's attention (Lua, 2017).

Step 3 - Choosing the appropriate social media outlet

The third step involves choosing the appropriate social media outlet to ensure that I have the right audience for my intended message. Understanding the audience on each platform is necessary since it helps to explain things like who buys the products of the company, their age group, and the income level. The different platforms have diverse audiences, and hence it is my role as a marketer to determine the crowd that best fits with the products sold by Adidas.

Adidas manufactures apparel and shoes for athletes as well as casual wearers. The customers for these products are often young people in sports or individuals who want to have a nice casual look. One of the most significant items in determining the channel is the availability of a youthful population. I will use the following platforms:


The primary reason for using Facebook is that it is the most widely used social media platform and it is predominantly composed of people aged 25-34 (Standberry, 2017). Millennials are a crucial market for Adidas since they are the ones often involved in sports. The objective is to create awareness and hence it is only logical to choose the platform with the most people. With about active users every month, it offers a sizeable audience. There are also roughly 89% female users on Facebook which is also crucial since Adidas is looking to increase the sales of women's products (York, 2018). About 72% of people with incomes of over $75,000 are on Facebook while 74% of the users have completed some level of higher education (Standberry, 2017). It means that consumers are educated and have the disposable income to spend on shoes.


The platform has over 700 million active users who enjoy watching videos and looking at pictures of friends, family, and brands (Standberry, 2017). Adidas items are visually appealing, and hence Instagram is a way to showcase products and get more people interested in the company. The audience on Instagram is also primarily young since about 53% of the users are aged 18-29 (Standberry, 2017). The age range coincides with the that of consumers of athletic goods and casual wear. Adidas will also make inroads into the female market since the gender balance on Instagram tips in favour of women. 28% of the users earn under $30,000, and 31% have reached college (Standberry, 2017). The audience is mostly young people who might not necessarily buy but are interested in the brand's products. Creating an online buzz and raising awareness is possible if the right content reaches this audience.

Step 4 - The content for social media campaign

The content of my campaign will depend on the platform used.

Content for Facebook

There is the unique feature of targeted digital advertising that makes Facebook one of the best platforms for marketers. I will use Facebook ads to reach as many people as possible on their timelines. The targeting means that the message will only reach people who have some interest in the company and its products (Standberry, 2017). A high number of people will be able to see the ads hence creating awareness about Adidas.

I will open a Facebook page for Adidas where fans and lovers of the product can come to comment and share their experiences with others. I can post text about the history of the company, its achievements, and quotes from famous athletes. If the content is captivating, people will share with their friends at the click of a button. People also tag their friends on exciting posts which leads to the message reaching a broader audience. I can also post funny videos, GIFs, and images on Facebook to create a buzz and have people talking about the brand.

Content for Instagram

I will post captivating images of shoes and apparel on the Instagram profile. Visual content is unique and engaging since the customers can see what they would like to have (Standberry, 2017). I will also post images of famous athletes and personalities wearing Adidas items. This strategy will attract more people to the page since individuals like to see the things they dream to own. I can also use the Instagram stories feature post live videos showing things like the comfort of the shoes or their creative process to all the followers. Going live increases the time that the customer is exposed to the brand.

Step 5 - Success measurement

I expect to raise the brand awareness of Adidas by targeting existing and prospective consumers in engaging online content. I will measure the success of my brand awareness tactics by looking at the numbers such as the follower count. If people are becoming increasingly aware of the brand, there is likely to be an increase in the social media following and vice versa.

The number of shares and mentions on both platforms will determine whether the content was intriguing. A high number indicates that people liked the content and suggested it to their friends resulting in the spread of the brand.

The third way of measuring is by looking at the reach, which is the number of people who saw the social media post (Lua, 2017). If this figure is substantial, it implies that many people have seen the brand.


Social media campaigns are vital marketing initiatives for any company today. Organizations must identify the appropriate platform and content that will help to reach the desired audience.


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