Rich point project - Essay Example

Published: 2023-09-12
Rich point project - Essay Example
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There were different rich points according to the Chinese culture. However, I only found the rich point of the red envelope aspect of lucky money intriguing. Once I completed high school, my parents and friends chose to surprise me with a gift for achieving excellent grades in my school work. What was intriguing is that my parents did not just hand me a normal envelope, but they gave me a red envelope. At first, I thought it was a form of witchcraft signs, but then after consulting my grandfather, he said that it was a form of wishing me luck. How a red envelope can bring me luck in my lifetime remained mysterious.

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I found the red envelope has less to do with verbal communication compared to the other rich point of placing a piece of charcoal on food. Possession of a red enveloped gift was more of a nonverbal communication skill since when I would look at it, the red envelope would give me the luck of money (Agar, 2016). Further, the decision was informed by my feedback.

From the rich point of a red envelope is a sign of luck for money, the major communication element is the ideas. Ideas are the subject matter of the communication action, and in this case, it was through the decoding of what precisely a red envelope gift means in the context of Chinese culture. Red envelope rich point makes me more assured and confused about the future incidents of being lucky with money. It gives me assurance based on my grandfather's feedback on what a red envelope means and, at the same time, confused how a red envelope can cause me luck (Jackson, 2014). The setting of receiving the red envelope is where after completion of my school work, I attained good grades, and my parents and friends decided to gift me. Their gift, instead of being wrapped in a normal envelope it was wrapped with a red envelope. They speculate that using a red envelope to wrap the gift would grant me luck in my lifetime. After consulting my grandfather, I discovered the relevant cultural norm that it was a sign of wising luck of getting money in my life. On the other hand, from the cultural other's point of view, it is clear that a red envelope served as a witchcraft sign.

In general, a speech community entails a group of individuals sharing linguistic norms set and expectations concerning the utilization of language. It majors on sociolinguistic and anthropological linguistics. A speech community can develop from people interacting and sharing particular norms and other ideologies. For the particular speech community, the Chinese speech community has common characteristics, including Mandarin Chinese, which is the commonly spoken language and is used as a second language by Chinese people that use other languages. Some of the Chinese common traditions and beliefs are Taoism and Buddhism (Carbaugh et al., 2015). Additionally, some of the common activities in Chinese culture are badminton being the most popular leisure activity in Chinese culture. There is public dancing, which is such a hip thing in Chinese culture. Hence, every speech community is characterized by a shared communal identity, shared languages, and shared views and values.


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