Essay Example on Chinese Social Cultural Issues and Regional Disparity

Published: 2023-01-13
Essay Example on Chinese Social Cultural Issues and Regional Disparity
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The social, cultural issues in China are wide-ranging and varied. They are usually a combined impact of the Chinese economic changes that were set in place during the late 1970s, the cultural and political history of China as well as the large population. As a result of multiple social and cultural issues which exist in China today, the government of China has experienced substantial challenges during its attempts to remedy the problems. Regional disparity between different parts in China is among the major social cultural issues experienced in China. Discrimination against women, loss of the ancient Confucianism, and money worship are as a result of the increased regional disparity in China.

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The regional disparity that exists between various parts in China is seen as an extremely social, cultural issue. Given that economic advancement experienced in coastal part has become phenomenal, many people have migrated into these regions, thereby abandoning their cultures. The regional disparities have resulted in the imbalanced development in social development as well as in the welfare provisions. The living experience of the migrant workers in the urban areas due to lack of household registration in the towns and their implied ineligibility to the access state welfare and the education provisions. Therefore, the magnitude of issues confronting the local population in more inferior parts increased discontent and conflicts and have the potential of becoming a source of civil unrest.

The loss of traditional Confucian beliefs and morals is a major result of increased regional disparity in China. The ancient Confucianism in the past had its foundation on the notion of having people avoiding conflict and living in harmony. However, many educated individuals in China are becoming disillusioned with the manner Confucianism regulates the behaviors of individuals. The loss of Confucianism beliefs and morals is an issue in China due to increase in regional disparity as many people are undermining the idea that there is the need for one to strive to treat others with goodness which is affecting harmony and unity negatively.

Money worship in China remains a serious impact of increased regional disparity in China social affecting many people in Chinese communities. Chinese society is highly market-oriented with money being given the highest value. In China, wealth is believed to beat other aspects as being a criterion of success. The moral and values in the past of individuals were squeezed by the market economy favoring regional disparity, which resulted in the changing of the social environment. Given that there is bombardment by money as a result of increased regional disparity, various social values may not prosper.

The kind of economic disparity that is experienced in China between urban and rural China is regarded as being among the largest across the globe, having discrimination against women. China is made up of a sizeable population that is poor, consisting of individuals in the rural and mountainous regions and several rural migrants to the urban parts. Most of the women farmers are found being vulnerable to the poverty levels.

Discrimination against women in China remains a social, cultural issue given that there are more men than women who migrate for work due to regional disparity having women being left at home as being the households responsible for bearing household burdens. Women found working are normally underpaid indicating that discrimination against the women in China persists even in the labor market characterized by regional disparity.


In conclusion, there are several social and cultural issues which exist in China today. Among the significant problems that affect the Chinese society as a result of increased regional disparity include, discrimination against women, loss of the ancient Confucianism, and money worship in China. Thus there is an urgent need of having China forge a firm modern culture that would balance these social, cultural issues help in supporting keeping societies clean with a healthy system of social, cultural values.

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