Paper on Guidance and Support for President Trump and Mike Pence Presidential Ticket

Published: 2023-12-20
Paper on Guidance and Support for President Trump and Mike Pence Presidential Ticket
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Various political aspirants use various social media platforms to sell their agenda and lure voters to support their political bids. Donald Trump and Mike Pence have been active politicians on Facebook who use their pages to drive their political scheme. Donald Trump has over 31 million followers on Facebook, and his posts get over 30,000 reactions, including sharing, commenting, and liking. Mike Pence, on the other hand, has around 1.6 million followers on Facebook and his posts get over 10,000 reactions. According to Statista (2020), Facebook has approximately 2.7 billion active users making it the most prominent social media network globally. Effective use of Facebook can help Donald Trump and Mike Pence engage their followers by conducting campaigns that would lead to their re-election.

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Mike Pence and Donald Trump can use various strategies to increase followers’ engagement and boost their Facebook political campaigns. For instance, I would recommend using Facebook reach that would ensure they get a broader target audience. Facebook would allow them to reach a wider audience since it does not limit the people who are already following them. As a result, they would set parameters for the type of audience they want to engage. For instance, they can narrow their boosted post to target a specific demographic and get their views for effective political strategizing. Also, Donald Trump and Mike Pence can increase their influence with page post engagement ads since they enjoy a fair amount of page likes, but they are experiencing challenges to engage most of their followers. Running engagement ads would help them get their campaigns to a broader audience who would interact with their content.

Additionally, other strategies, such as Facebook videos and gif ads, would help them increase engagement. Various social media users are interested in videos since they act as an enticing element for engagement. As a result, Donald Trump and Mike Pence can create short videos and GIFs that are short and enticing to increase social media engagement. Shorter videos are effective strategies to help users stick around for the entire thing and therefore get the main message. Going live can also help their followers to comment and raise their views. According to Lister (2020), social media users, spend approximately three times more, watching live Facebook videos and commenting ten times more than regular videos. Also, they should post when most people are online. As a result, they establish the perfect time to post to ensure increased engagement, depending on their own data. Establishing the best time to post, such as a specific day and time of the week, would help them avoid high competition against other Facebook posts.

Social media campaigns entail engaging voters of different demographics. For students, I would engage them via live videos, which acts as an alternative traditional newscast that would help convince voters by having conversations with them in real-time. Livestreaming is an effective method to help Donald Trump and Mike Pence interact with various students and convince them to vote for their political agenda. Participating in live streaming on Facebook would allow meaningful and personable conversations by ensuring feedback for various issues raised. Also, Trump and Pence would address issues that might not be receiving mainstream media coverage and keep them informed. As a result, taking advantage of a live Facebook video would be a compelling feature to help them reach out to many student voters.

On the other hand, reaching out to different ethnic groups would entail using various Facebook groups that are formed based on ethnicity to propel specific agenda. As a result, I would be specific on Trump and Pence’s campaign message that would appropriate depending on group I am addressing based on the groups’ needs. Reaching key demographics would require using a Facebook boost that would help them capture the audience of specific groups. The Facebook campaign would communicate the aspirants’ message by indirectly promoting the candidates’ political aspirations. For instance, I would tell the bigger picture and stories that evoke voters’ emotions, which would help them relate to and rally behind Pence and Trump. Also, I would keep the message short, simple, and enticing to capture the voters’ attention. For instance, my Facebook posts would contain instant attention-getting visuals and easily understandable storylines that deliver specific points of the candidates’ manifesto and educate the public.

Brands use different criteria for hiring social media persons. Hiring a social media person for Trump and Pence campaigns, I would hire an individual who has proven experience as a social media manager. Also, the individual should have experience in content management to ensure effective coordination of political campaigns. The ability to use keyword search, search engine optimization, and Google analytics would be a significant criterion to consider to help a qualified person make effective use of available data. The person should as well be able to deliver creative content in terms of text, image, and videos to ensure they are enticing and engaging. Analytical and multitasking skills would also be appropriate skills to possess since they would help the qualified person to make specific decisions regarding social media campaigns.


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