Essay Sample of Revision Plan

Published: 2022-11-04
Essay Sample of Revision Plan
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An essay summarizing and analyzing the speech made by Rees Witherspoon entitled 'Ambition Is Not a Dirty Word' was to elaborate how rhetorical tools can be applied to enhance or diminish the effectiveness of an argument made during the speech. This revision plan is intended to point out and clarify the adjustments to be embraced in the essay in order to make the essay more purposeful, attractive, successful, and organized with regard to making an analysis from an argumentative speech, in this case a speech that was made by a 39-year-old actress concerning feminism ambitions.

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From reading the essay, one is supposed to understand the argument being made that is, significant issues and concerns being discussed from the summary essay. The reader is to clearly understand how rhetorical appeals like logos, ethos, and pathos and also other considerations like intended audience, exigence, organization, style, and rhetorical situation have been used to achieve a better analysis of an argumentative and persuasive text at hand. The main focus of the essay should, therefore, be oriented towards understanding how rhetorical tools can be involved to manage the level of effectiveness of an argument. More elaborately, the article should narrow down to explain to the reader how the author meets his or her goal in a more credible manner and this means that the author has to borrow and manipulate the emotions of the reader through using literature styles like quotations to accompany the persuasion with shreds of evidence and so the essay should play a role to move the attitude of the reader. Finally, the reader should get to understand the firm opinion and stand of the author concerning the text to be analyzed, for instance in this case the author is to rate how the actress managed to effectively persuade her audience and this should go side by side with the reasons as to why the author makes such a conclusion.

The essay here involved a summary and putting into other words that is, paraphrasing the text which was a speech. When summarizing the information you need to look for the main ideas in an essay, article, speech, report or any work you intend to summarize and rephrase the piece. To produce a good summary, one needs to plan, follow steps and make significant decisions. The first step should be reading through the speech carefully to find words which you are not sure of their meanings and try to find the definitions. The purpose of this stage is to ensure you understand every application of the vocabulary in the text. (Connor, page 12)The frequency of the second stage is however not quantified because it depends on the text and the summarizer. At this point, one should identify the main ideas and formulate a mental image of the argument. Consider the speech at hand, Rees expresses her concern about the women ambitions, and this should form the title of the speech. The author can decide to write a bare-bones outline in point form of the thesis, other critical ideas in the order in which they occur. The thesis statement should be precise, forecasting and laying out the aim of the essay. From the draft one then writes the summary after which a thorough revision is done in order to ensure that the essay is concise, coherent and is sensible to even the person who isn't familiar with the original work.

So far the essay written has areas of success and the other regions in which the author should improve on. The dimension of success is because the author has exposed fully the main idea which are the issues of argument in the in the text. The writer states that Rees sought to challenge the society by delivering a stunning speech that unmasks the stereotypes and trends against women ambitions and talents. The statement is good enough to clearly inform the reader of the central theme in the text. The author has gone ahead to also expertly demonstrate how and what the speaker uses to carefully persuade her audience. The speaker supported her argument using her own life challenging moments like college enrollment at Stanford, and if that isn't enough, he incorporates the exact statements as a quotation to justify the point for example 'Don't even bother applying to Stanford...' The author has tried to follow the instructions in the paper and analyzed some of the rhetorical appeals if not all. He owned the idea of the speaker and understood it wholly making him able to easily throw ideological opinions concerning the recipient of the message from the speaker. He unfolds that the main audience of the message were the young women who had different ambitions but are hindered by stereotypes of the society to pursue them. Paragraphs are constructed well and demonstrate author's intentions, and there are minor errors in MLA formatting and proofreading, the analysis uses specific descriptions, and a mixture of quotations and much expertise on rhetorical appeals like pathos and logos are the reasons for a successful analysis. All this was done with greater control of language and minimal grammatical errors, and this is a success.

Class activities on editing and style are useful for writing an essay like this, as can be seen, the writer has applied some of these styles for rhetorical analysis essay. A rhetorical analysis work refers to a kind of writing where the writer regards the topic in a much higher perspective to prove his opinion, in fact, rhetorical paper can be expressed as 'writing about writing.' The writer should create an informative text by digesting the word of the writer to reveal the techniques that are persuasive to the audience. It is important to consider some of these questions as a basis for rhetorical analysis; who is the author or write? What is the situation at the ground? What is the primary purpose of the text? Who is the target audience? Does the speech meet the author's intention? Etc. In addition to the questions, the analysis should be concise, coherent, clear, grammatically correct and in the present tense. The author proves to the audience why they must have belief in his or her standpoint. (Higgins, page 5)This is called ethos, the author's credibility on the main issues, for example, the study conducted by Georgetown University in 2005. Appeal to emotions is shown when the speaker uses her own life experiences to catch the moods of the audience; this is referred to as the pathos. Logos is based on truths and facts which is much evident in the text. In other words, styles and editing learned in class activities has assisted.

The paper however good still gives room for some revision. I can reorganize the work so that what I consider the thesis statement comes in the first paragraph: '...a stunning speech that...' I would cut out the obvious mistakes of grammar, sentence construction, ambiguity in words and confusing the gender like replacing 'her' with 'his,' the marked sections. In a rhetorical essay, I will not argue as the in the paper as the overriding priority and also never introduce new information into the conclusion. Other techniques that can be employed are comparison, metaphor and simile, question, anecdote, and contradiction.


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