Essay Example on How Digital Revolution Benefits Art

Published: 2019-06-26
Essay Example on How Digital Revolution Benefits Art
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Digital revolution entails the technological improvements that surfaced from 1950s and which defaced the use of analog transmission of information. The factors that were responsible for this revolution were the increasing use of personal computers as well as the use of the internet. Art, on the other hand, is the creativity of an individual. This may be in form of a drawing, painting, music or even a sculpture. The rise of digital revolution enables artists to have a better platform forth artistic works. In this regard, the use of computers and internet led to more creativity that was important for the growth of the art industry. In this regard, artists were able to make more creative works which was not possible before the introduction of the digital computers. Art has from then been dependent on technology. Specifically, the digital revolution has changed the way that art is created, produced, distributed and marketed. Additionally, most people in the world today are internet savvy. As such, the use of the internet by musicians, comedians, writers, actors/actresses, as well as other artists has greatly enhanced their value of artistic works. The following paragraphs will express how digital revolution has benefited artists such as musicians, film makers, producers, writers and bloggers, painters, et cetera.

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In the 19th century, opera was the greatest of all arts. This is due to its contribution to the growth of music, theaters and dances. In the 20th century, the film industry began to rise. In this regard, music and other performances of individual persons were reproduced and watched later. To this end, an artist could review his/her works based on a past performance. Additionally, other people could watch the art and give their evaluations accordingly. Further, this was a way of amassing wealth since those films could be sold to other people in turn earning money to the performers and producers. From the money collected, the artists could make finer music and performances, which would forthwith bring more money. Today, digital revolution is important because it helps individual local artists to grow to internationally recognized and celebrated artists.

The images that are captured in films are of aesthetic, philosophical, and sentimental importance. Due to increased internet use, individual persons and countries are able to store the important moments in their life history. With the advent of digital revolution, countries and governments have stored their specific-celebrated arts which would in turn be viewed by the future generations. As such, current artists would compare their innovative intellect with those of the past. This would help them try to as much as possible outshine their predecessors. Additionally, it would give them a sense of hope that if those in the past made it through art, they can also make it better. Therefore, the introduction of digital computers is indeed, important for the growth of the current artists.

Cultural production has been replaced by the use of the current digital computers and cameras. Further, visual arts as well as traditional paintings have been replaced by more colorful and eye catching pictures. Indeed, digital revolution has eased the work of artists who had to take a lot of time so as to design a particular image. Today, however, all an artist needs is a person who is well accustomed with photography as well as photo- production. Additionally, artists who are excellent in acting have benefited immensely from the digital revolution. In this regard, actors and actresses have earned lot recognition from the movies and films that they appear. Additionally, all sorts of movies have been made ranging from the Hollywood ones to those made locally and also aired in the areas of their production.

There are new avenues from the production of films and videos. For instance YouTube has attracted a lot of viewers due to its eye-catching content. additionally, social sites such as the Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, et cetera have enabled people to view the creativity of others. This is important for the art industry because so many people follow how such videos are produced hence, indulging into film making and production. As such, the social site as well as the general internet has been very important for young people who might be interested in the art industry. The sharing and exchange or artistic works has been instrumental for the mentorship of prospective artists. One perfect example of how the digital revolution has benefited art is the posting of viral videos by supporters of the then presidential candidate Barrack Obama. In those videos there are those who were then called Obama girls" and who sold the "yes we can" campaign to the American people.

Digital revolution has enhanced the connection between artist and their audiences. In this regard, artists from every part of the world communicate with their fans and followers due to the use of special media. Additionally, individual artists have been able to share vital information that can help them better their work. This has led to the rise of local artists who did not have this advantage before. In the past, information was not readily shared since the only means of communication was through the use of traditional methods. However, nowadays, artists do not need to travel from their native countries so as to meet their fans. When a new hit music is released, it takes a very short time to be viewed worldwide. This is because of the use of YouTube. In this regard, artists are able to gauge the suitability of their artistic work within a very short time. Further, they are able to communicate very well with their followers when they want to make a performance in any part of the world.

Digital revolution has been the success platform for comedians. These are the people who use a humorous language to attract the attention of their audience. In this regard, comedians prepare their jokes in advance and perform before a gathering. The use of the internet has been at the center of all this. Specifically, upcoming comedians are able to view the jokes that were made by those with more experience. As a result, they are able to see how the comedy business goes around. Additionally, they are able to communicate with fellow comedians for the purpose of disseminating information. Further, they are able to unite so that they can help the upcoming comedians. Moreover, comedians have attracted a lot of fans because of social media. In this regard, they post their clips on YouTube or Facebook. This clip is quickly shared and viewed in different areas of the world. This makes the comedians attract huge audiences in their performances. Additionally, it ensures that they get a lot of money which can sustain their lives, further it enables them to produce more hilarious jokes hence wowing the art industry.

The promotion of artistic works has been successful due to the digital revolution. The internet provides artists with a more costs effective way of promoting their works. In this regard, they avoid the use of the traditional methods of promotion which are very expensive. In all artistic disciplines such as music, comedy, theatre or even dances, audiences use the internet to search for the incoming artists who have produced the best artistic works. Additionally, some artists are also using the internet to earn money. Specifically, after promoting their works they provide an account where they one can pay the money online and hence get the original work of the artistic. As such, there is limited if any, need for artists to move all over the world selling and marketing the artistic works. Due to the costs involved, the works have been promoted in a more cost effective manner after the advent of digital revolution.

Photoshop is another artistic concept that has greatly benefited from digital revolution. In this regard, artists that are involved in Photoshop have posted images that have gone viral in the social media. Ranging from political to economic happenings, Photoshop has cracked peoples ribs due to the nature of the images that are the products of the Photoshop. For instance, young men and women have taken the opportunity to show case their prowess by combining two or several images in such a way that they look as if they were originally taken together. Although this has not augured well for some people, it has, nevertheless, showed the artistic intellect that is present in the current breed of artists. Additionally, it has been used as a mean as of communication between people who understand visual language. Further, Photoshop has been important as a means of airing complaints against those at fault.

Literary writers and bloggers have also benefited greatly from the digital revolution. In fact, most bloggers have taken the work as their source of living. As such, they wake up every morning, prepare their blogs and post them in their respective sites. This creativity is viewed from all over the world by the followers of that particular blogger. Additionally, they have nurtured those interested in writing. In this regard, young and inexperienced bloggers are able to view the wittings of the experienced ones so that they can know where to adjust so as to improve their writing skills. Additionally, through the internet, bloggers compete for several awards on selected articles that they post. This brings about the aspect of competition that is beneficial to the art industry. Additionally, the voting is done online where the blogger with the largest number of votes scoops the prize that is assigned for the various categories. This competition is important as it encouragers the writers to improve on their skills so that they can also win the ultimate prize. Additionally, it is a sense of motivation to the upcoming writers as the pace is already set.

Painters and drawers have used the internet to market their portraits and sculptures. Additionally, they have used the social sites and the internet at large to showcase their artistic intellect. Portraits such as those of prominent persons in the political, economic and religious sectors have gone viral in the internet. Some of the portraits have been unbelievably made to be so similar to the persons or objects that they represent. Additionally, they have enabled the artists to earn lot s of money from the portraits. Further, the best portraits have been made the subject of competition. As such, painters have been motivated to make even more great pieces of their works. This has led to the growth of the industry as more profound portraits are made day after the other.

To conclude, digital revolution involves the use of the internet and a digital device such as a computer or a smart phone. Art, on the other hand, is the creativity of individuals. This creativity may be in the form of music, literary works, films, paintings and sculptures, Photoshop et cetera. Digital revolution that started in the late 1950s is instrumental to the growth of the art industry. Specifically, musicians are able to record their songs and sell them to their audiences. Additionally, film makers have made a variety of films which rate very high in the world. Further, bloggers have been able to show case their literary ability by writing and sharing blogs via the internet. Painters have also benefitted immensely from digital revolution. In this regard; they have shared the images of prominent people in the society earning those lots of money. As such, it is not in doubt that the digital revolution has benefitted the arts industry in so many ways. Since inception, it has ensured that the industry continues to grow from one level to the other.

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