Russian Foreign: The Near Abroad, Eastern Europe, Western Europe and Asia

Published: 2022-05-27
Russian Foreign: The Near Abroad, Eastern Europe, Western Europe and Asia
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The Russian president has faced antagonism from multiple international leaders following the nerve urgent attack in the United Kingdom. Numerous world leaders believed that Russia was accountable for poisoning previous Russian intelligence officer. Russian president's actions led to the capture of Crimea, armed forces involved in the Donbas areas of Eastern Ukraine, the obstruction of Europe and United States election as well as cyber assaults. The Russian international policy involves many commonalities with a selection of national strategies in the subject of foreign associations known as realism. Political leaders in Russia treat the international policy as a game of zero-sum in which one region can gain if the other state loses. This literature keenly criticizes the article "Great minds think alike" in terms of the near abroad, the Eastern and Western Europe and Asia considering Russian foreign perspective dated from January 29 to February 4, 2018.

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The Near Abroad

According to Yekaterina and Sovetskaya (Feb 1, 2018) Russian president has been cautious to admit the Russian responsibilities in the increment of instabilities and violence in both southern and Eastern of Ukraine. With a plan to limit the tension Russian president announced a strategy to remove all Russian militants from the border. The current hostility in Ukraine flies on behalf of Russian president's recurrent hymn of Russian obligation to global law and value for public sovereignty surpassing the Russian leaders' perspective on near abroad. The author states that the Russian president has in recent times ensured a powerful physical security with an objective of controlling the neighboring territories. He has ensured that the Russian empire is built in the course of the acquirement of neighboring regions. This strategy on security has ensured that Russia remains the largest nation internationally even after losing its Soviet kingdom. The Russian government has often perceived the near abroad as their number one priority.

As the president accepted the impossibilities of rebuilding the Soviet territory he found intolerable additional unscrambling of Russian Union reliability for instance in the course of the loss of secessionist territories around the Caucasus. The Supreme Rada approved the law on the aspect of national policy to oversee the sovereignty of Ukraine following the short-term occupied regions of Lugansk and Donetsk. The law is merely considered as the" reintegration law" even though the regulation does not possess any condition or provision concerning the real reintegration of the two regions. The law has caused a massive debate in the attempt to acknowledge its outcome either peace or war. Ukrainian president claims that the sovereignty will resume through diplomatic and political means though not only in Lugansk and Donetsk but also in the districts of Crimea. Most Moscow leaders and other CDDP legislative body feel that the law will lead to war. Kiev claims that the Minsk conformity specifies the withdrawal of all international militants, military tools, and mercenaries from the border of Ukraine as well as disarmament of all illegal teams without a precise suggestion of what circumstance should precede this action.

Western Europe supports Kiev's claim regarding the Minsk conformities and has pushed anti-Russian sanctions stating that Moscow has failed to execute the agreements. On the other hand, Moscow has cited several points of the package claiming that Kiev meets its requirements concerning political arrangements with the main objective of attaining a unique status for Donetsk and Lugansk regions whose factors are particularized in the appendix of the package of measures. Moscow maintained that after the fulfillment of these agreements it will relocate the management over the boundary with Russia to Kiev. In this instance, enclose of measures precisely state that this relocation is likely only after requirements on the CDDLP's unique conditions are involved in the Ukrainian constitution. In this context, there is no reason as to why Moscow should trust the western and Kiev officials who promised that both political and civil rights would be necessitated in the Ukrainian basin after Moscow dumps its support for Lugansk and Donetsk.

Russian Foreign Perspective on Eastern Europe

The Russian president has massively affected the global security agenda and changed the European perspective on Russia. The Russian president claims that there are three questions that regarded Eastern Europe and Russia. These questions revolved around the conservative forces in Europe agreement, the status of Kosovo as well as the American strategy to create missile defense regions in the Czech Republic and Poland. He claimed that all these questions were linked in some way in that compromise on one of the three questions towards the western side maybe met with compromises from Russia or any Eastern Europe country. Currently, Poland is steady and stable to show that it is a perfect ally of the United State in Europe. This has been facilitated by the Russian growth of military functions in the region. Poland has shown its willingness to host NATO militants and accomplish work on the US missile defense capacity in the region of Redzikowo. On the other hand, Poland is ready to assist United State to keep Russians powerful and politically inspired force strategy at bay. Recently, Poland is a nation that has the capability of becoming US partner in creating a regulation of security and stability. The debate on global security problem involving the Russian threats has been raised in Tillerson's meeting with a Poland's foreign minister where the significance of active United States responsibility in Eastern Europe and the demand to continue strengthening NATO were the main agendas. The meeting led to the deployment of the American military in Poland to provide security.

According to Valery (Jan29, 2018) the involvement of United State in Poland strengthened the defensive capacities of Poland and powerfully increased when Russia turned aggressive in Ukraine. Over the years Russia has been the largest Poland's security threat and politicians from Eastern Europe perceived Russia as a danger following what the Russian government did to Ukraine. The Russian government under the leadership of Putin has seen the fracturing of the political unification within the European Union particularly the political unification between the United States and the European Union as among Russia's major strategic goals. Russian government seeks to obtain domination within the Eastern Bloc nations that are historically and culturally close to Russia. Additionally, Russia objects to manipulate massively the public opinion, undermine and corrode the western organizations, control the policy-making processes and values throughout Eastern Europe. Moscow claims that it could not countenance a direct military conflict with a powerful military. The author argues that Russia, when dealing with NATO may base military functions towards NATO militants but in reality, this is out of context apart from as a final resort. Russia uses cyber attacks, propaganda, as well as social media trolling as strategies to weaken the Eastern Europe nations and remain dominant. The Russian threat towards Eastern Europe has increased the call for United State to take more defensive activities towards Russia rather than employing diplomatic and political means.

Russian Foreign Perspective on Western Europe

The idea of Western Europe was among the unaware fascination. In the years after the crumple of the Soviet Union Western Europe forms were imitated in several areas of life. The current Russian constitution gathered motivation from the public agreement of Western Europe nations. The political structure was transformed to trail the ethics of western democracy; the soviet arranged economy was deserted in favor of the western-fashioned market. Additionally, the current structured Russian media cautiously replicated the perfect design the western nations had to present. Russian pop culture and consumption were highly affected by western setting. According to Andrei and Ivan (Feb 1, 2018), the turmoil and hardship of the ancient after soviet years resulted in a continuous frustration in westernizing developments. There is a belief that the western European nations had deliberately enticed Russia into westernization so as to additionally deteriorate its political and military structure.

The Russian president aims at maximizing the advantages of carrying out business with the western nations and also attaining Russian dominion. Occasionally, the Russian president works tirelessly to entice international investment but sometimes he also decreases western persuasion and the reliance on western financial institutions. The western European nations and the US are mounting pressure on Russia through sanctions, information warfare as well as military prevention during the upcoming election. The author thinks that Russia will respond to this through the balance of power it acquired from the western countries. Openly speaking the objective of western European nations is to transform Russia's strategy to Ukraine. On the other hand, the author reports that US goals nevertheless seem to be greatly determined compared to those of Russia. US goals extend to non-proliferation and approach to human rights among others. The latest united state sanctions legislations poses Russia as the main enemy suggesting wish to destabilize the Russian political structure and section its elite to further deterioration of Russia military and political structure. Kremlin comprehends that sanctions come at a price where political isolation results to backwardness in terms of economic growth.

Openly speaking, pressure coming from the western nations improves the Russian leadership's authority. This is because the pressure gives Russia a rationale to gather around the flag and to channel limited resources into sustaining its position globally and domestically. United state is determined to ruin Russia as much as it can under the leadership of Putin. On the other hand, the European Union is further realistic as compared to the United States. The objective of European Union is to settle the disagreement in eastern Ukraine while improving its relationship with Russia. The fear of exploitation and the lack of trust could inspire Russia to maintain a hard line even though it is expensive. The western European nation's response to Russia is sometimes characterized as inadequate or weak. Mostly the western reactions towards Russia activities comprised the establishment of an extensive limit of collaboration with Moscow on a variety of economic and security bound issues.

Russian Foreign Perspective on Asia

Russia's engagement with Asia uses a concept of socialization which refers to global institutions and the equivalent binding obligation they take. Asia plays a predominantly significant role in Russia's balancing of the orient and occident. Asia and Russia are possible to encounter a geopolitically anarchic and chaotic circumstance with a height of disagreement potentially even elevated than in Europe. The high stage of rivalry and competition coupled with organizations turn Asia into a communist type of worldwide society. From a global viewpoint, Russia's transformation of focus from Europe and USA to Asia is broadly acknowledged as a political trend. According to Anzhelika (Jan 31, 2018), Russia faces a collection of a synthetic hindrance in the west and it is keen to press on it as far as the Far East.

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