Free Essay on Review of Blackkklansman Film

Published: 2022-11-15
Free Essay on Review of Blackkklansman Film
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Racism is one of the undermining growth on U.S soil. In the film "BlacKkKlansman" the theme of appearances is abundantly expressed. BlacKkKlansman is seriously a deadly comedy which conveys a vivid and an entertaining story. It is a comedy concerning the son of Denzel Washington, John David Washington who was employed as the first Black American detective in Colorado Springs Police Department who intrudes into the plan of Ku Klux Klan; he was helped by white proxy. He is first assigned to work in a room of records while facing ordinary racial abuses from his colleagues (Matt Z, 19). He succeeded on one of his undercover assignments, and he announced that he dislikes all the non-white citizens, he convinced his colleague to support him which was ironical.

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The film exposes the core of racism and the racist views; it is a conscious incursion hooked on the neo-passing genre. It is addressing injustices and explains to target addresses to differentiate between familiar narratives that get rejected sooner and stories that contribute to contesting and resistance of social injustices.

This comedy is about the real events deliberated in Stallworth's memoir in 2014, BlacKkKlansman: undercover investigation of lifetime, hate and race. The actor uses humor to drive strong irony of racism to the audience deliberately. Following a bomb blast attempt on the female head of Black Student Union, helped to stop it by engaging on an operation against Klan assemblies and attacks (Eric, 22).

Duke and Stallworth engaged in several phone calls concerning his idea in White nationalist principles and forthcoming festivals; this gave him a chance into the Organization. A scene of hilarity and drama is evident when Stallworth signs up for personal guard Duke during the incident; Duke was incapable of making a connection in between the police officer and the recruit.

This story is not only delivering the success of its promise, but also it is uncovering how the act of racialism has changed from the past; he shows how racism is working in the present day life. By using the past generation to enlighten the present, this movie was used as propaganda to showcases the Klan as a savior of the whites from blacks who were termed in the film as criminals and rapists. Lee succeeds in using the past in this film to suppress criticism.

Comical relief is also evident in this drama, this happened when one of the Klan members wives put on unpleasant clothes to engage her first act of terrorism by installing a bomb, she frustrates the strategy, and it resulted to a wholesome of humor.

Also, BlacKkKlansman depicts the act of confrontation of American Racism. Cinemas have been used to address appearance's differences for a long time, in this story a Blackman with light-skinned whose daughter was killed by the whites; he seeks for vengeance. Lee said that Black is beautiful but people from the opposite race regarded black people as subhuman, animals and savages and he had to teach the black community on how to and embrace their sport and for this reason, BlacKkKlansman came into existence to address this issue.

BlacKkKlansman is the best dramatic episode on how dark-skinned people are suppressed and the way racism has stacked to a man. This story does not just raise a point of one black officer convincing the Klan to support Black's deliverance, but it also enlightens the audience to join hands in this fight (Dixon, 20).

Besides, BlacKkKlansman is about the present day real-life situation that racial minorities and African-American people are facing, how and why they should endure appearances differences. They have to argue for their Black race matter persistently and have a stake in every progress. Lee highlights all these in his film, and this provokes urge for the audience to see and debate about it.

BlacKkKlansman is not mistaken when it comes to the wickedness of white sovereignty. It is apparent to the audience, and they must speak it out the message loudly just as the film seems to have achieved its intended purpose. The movie intends to enlighten the audience to open up their minds and recognize the dangers that KKK and supremacy of the whites impose on the African- American race as the American who is originally from Jewish community resists white's Christianity.

The actor aims at accomplishing his promise in this story not only by using this drama but also in conjunction with two of his other products, the two bookends. Lee draws a flawless difference between the drama in the middle section of the film and the actions today; the whites rule and KKK is still present.

The actor makes his point but he lets the audience off a cut in a natural way, for instance, a white lady can't find out how the movie can play to people from the opposite race (Black) as the fellow audience. It delivers a fight amongst the two opinions concerning the characters of the black race and that of a cop (chosen from African- American race) here the legislation are complicated and hard to understand leaving it unsettled.

BlacKkKlansman subjects the white audience into an off misunderstanding, many the audience from the white race will find it hard to accept the situation. The police will be happy just like the good cops in the film who may have the same intentions as the rest of white but also feels enlightened. Every humor in the movie is intended to enlighten the racist and wipe out the idea of racism; this is evident in big laughter from David Duke (the big racist). In the story, KKK is characterized mainly, and it showed that they were never serious about this liberation against racism in the first place.

Although BlacKkKlansman is turned down by some of the cinematic selections, this story about Dark race is one the resilient work of Spike Lee in years while there is a pressure concerning its significance, it isn't a suspenseful story (Stallworth, 15). It plays just like a ridiculous drama carrying a premise and credible influence.


In summary, Spike Lee's message in his work has significantly contributed to the decline of racism. It has already succeeded in the enlightening audience regarding the consequences appearances differences. BlacKkKlansman is the perfect way of reaching many audiences and realizing the potential of his work. It is not a wrong item to present to the public but it worth amicable way of confrontation that has been proven to have worked.

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