Free Essay Dedicated to Child Abuse Impact to Society

Published: 2022-05-27
Free Essay Dedicated to Child Abuse Impact to Society
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Child abuse is identified as one of the major problems that have in the past driven the attention of the nation and many organizations have been generated as a result of such issues. However, in the modern society, things seem to be different forms which include physical and psychological abusing treatment of children. According to a various specialist who has operated in the past, there exist three forms of child abuse with the causes being associated with child problems, parental causes, and environmental causes. Technically, familial cases have a connection with young parents who are in a position of neglecting the needs of their children. To some extent, some parents are viewed to be differentiating general discipline from physical abuse and working on some of the violent methods in teaching children some of the good things. Ecological causes are in most cases connected with drug and alcohol usage by either relatives or parents in general. Since drunk parents are identified to be irresponsible and unable to take care or even think about their children needs, the children end up being abused. On the other hand, parents with marriage challenges or even couples who are divorced can also end up hating their children. On the other, the last cause of child abuse is identified to be emotional and sexual causes.

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For a period of over thirty years, it is important to note that clinicians have ended describing the impact of neglect and child abuse on psychological, physical, behavioral, cognitive development of children. Generally, physical consequences are viewed to be ranging from minor injuries to serious injuries which at times involves serious brain damage. On the other hand, psychological challenges are also considered to be ranging from problems that are associated with low self-esteem to a dissociative state which is recognized to severe.

Focusing on the barriers that public child welfare employees experience in working to make sure that children are protected, it is the important majority of children who are normally abused are not always showing signs of serious disturbance. Through various research, suggestions have been raised a relationship between a variety of long and short-term consequences and the general maltreatment. Generally, the relationship between the consequences and the causes of child maltreatment is specifically problematic in nature since other factors such low intelligence may be responsible for stimulating parents to be abusive to them. On the other hand, low intelligence can be one great consequence of abusive experience more so in the childhood of a child.

The scientific study of maltreatment that happens in children and its general consequences happens in his infancy. However, research has also demonstrated that challenges of sexual and physical child abuse and neglect have focused on retrospective studies of adults and adolescents that are subjected to inaccurate recall and the general clinical bias. In general, maltreatment often takes place in the presence of serious challenges within social environment within a family or taking into consideration poverty violence.

The general increase in victims of neglect and child abuse normally face the risk of running away and delinquency. However, it is important to note that most the majority of child victims are not manifesting such behaviors. Importantly, less is realized about the connection that is existing between other problems behavior such as alcohol, teenage pregnancy, suicide and behaviors which are identified to be self-destructive.

Some of the barriers that the public child welfare employees are experiencing in working to make sure that the children are protected include various issues that involve lack of coordination with parents' rights, other agencies, funding and the general jurisdiction. Funding is always recognized as a major barrier that cripples the general development by the child welfare employees by ensuring that there are no sufficient funds to support the general function. Additionally, some clients in the process are identified to be frightening and intimidating in the process. This takes place when the social workers are working with antisocial individuals. On the other hand, a child can sometimes want to be taken cared of but strict rules from parents don't offer an important platform that will be used in managing the whole process. The only solution in place is that it is better to have a good relationship with the community and parents in general so as to make the service to be more accessible and to promote help to the families by assisting them to efficiently navigate the system of a child conducting the process, one should note that it doesn't matter in the general long-term of child abuse and transpires is that it is not totally possible for one to register them.

It is important to operate with the fact that the research on the complicated behavior is important in determining the type of problems and behaviors that are in place to counter react to the rising challenges.Since child abuse is considered as a worldwide challenge, a general studies that are focusing on neglect and child abuse are supposed to be in place so as assist in identifying some of the cultural patterns that are passed from one generation to the other. Additionally, there is a significant need for future research and awareness based on love should be created so as to offer protection to the family dynamic that offers service which is directed from protecting the children from facing serious abuse.

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