Life Changing Event Essay Examples

Published: 2018-02-07
Life Changing Event Essay Examples
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Life challenges

Air traveling is an industry with numerous challenges. Many people at times fail to comprehend the reason why when an accident occurs, hardly do the passengers survive. Being a passenger on a flight while going for holidays was one of my encounter with the risks involved in the air transport industry. We left Jomo Kenyatta Airport early in the morning on the eve of 2014 Christmas heading to China for my Holiday together with my fiance. Hardly did we know that things will turn the other way round. We had great expectations since it was our first journey to travel outside Africa. However, just as people say that it is cumbersome to predict accidents especially those involving Airplanes.

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After take off from the airport, we soared high in the space as the plane took its route to China. At height of 15,000 fts, in the space over the Indian Ocean, something unexpected happened and this was an explosion in the cockpit. Many people in the flight were frightened since at this height and the speed of approximately 350 miles per hour, the probability of survival was almost to zero. Therefore, the only confidence that we had was that the pilot would consider making an emergency landing immediately when we approach the coital region of Soudi Arabia. For sure, God granted our wish ans at this time, after having traveled approximately 15 minutes after the explosion, we were able to spot an airstrip along the Saudi Arabian Coast and now the Pilot was entitled to make an emergency landing. He tried his best level of effort to land the plane though the airstrip was small in size but he eventually managed. After the landing, we manged to call emergency rescue and flight experts managed to arrive in time and investigation was carried out and later it was discovered that there was soft during can in the cockpit that due to differentiated atmospheric pressure, it exploded. For instance, this could have cost our lives considering that if it was a grenade instead of the can, and therefore that how we survived the ordeal.

The biggest surprise ever

After spending several years searching for a job in vain, a call from my former head teacher ignited my expectations and restored hopes. At first, I thought it was just a casual call but I was wrong because the tone in the voice of my former head teacher was not the same, it sounded official and authoritative. He asked if I could avail myself to his office because there was something important he wanted to share with me. Looking a little bit perplexed and anxious l accepted the appointment.

On that very day, everything seemed perfect, I thought of what was suitable for me in terms of dressing code, but I could not conclude because I was not certain of the context of our meeting. However, I did not want to take any chances, and therefore I dressed to embrace anybody who would want to hire me, after all, there was nothing to lose because it was not an interview I had invited to attend. On my way, I was lost in thoughts because it had been a while since we talked with my head teacher, I wondered what had prompted our appointment, I thought perhaps it was just an ordinary reunion, but the anxiety that I was experiencing was disturbing. I met my teacher at one of the hotels in the suburb of our town he seemed not surprised as I shook his hand,in his left hand ,he held an envelope written my name, without much explanation he gave the letter to me, and it turned out that I had received a scholarship to study law at a foreign university.

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