Essay Example: Research on Sexual Education

Published: 2023-03-12
Essay Example: Research on Sexual Education
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Research on sexual education from political/policy, socioeconomic, social/ behavioral and statistical/epidemiological perspectives

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An in-depth sexual education plays a significant role in preparing young people for productive, safe, and fulfilling life in the current era where sexually transmitted infections, unplanned pregnancies, HIV and AIDS, gender inequality, and gender-based violence still pose threats to the lives of individuals (Krebbekx, 2018). Though in spite of compelling and vivid evidence for the significance of high-quality curriculum-based sexual education programs, a number of young people and children get prior information concerning their lives hence empowering them to make informed decisions as well as take full self-control in matters concerning relationships and sexuality responsibly and freely. Most young individuals get to adulthood while full of negative, conflicting, and confusing messages concerning sexuality that is mostly made worse by embarrassment and silence from adults such as teachers and parents (Krebbekx, 2018). In most societies, attitudes and some laws may discourage public discussions of sex and sexuality.

Furthermore, social norms may encourage conditions that are harmful such as inequality in gender sexual relationships, modern contraceptive usage, and family planning. Some vital evidence body indicates that sexual education helps children and young people to develop: accurate knowledge, attitudes, as well as positive values such as respect for gender diversity and equality and skills that promote healthy and safe relationships. Furthermore, sexual education plays an essential role in enabling the young ones to have a clear reflection of cultural values, social norms, and traditional beliefs to have a better understanding and management of their relationships with parents, peers, and teachers as well as the entire community (Krebbekx, 2018). There is a need for the sexual education training program to be offered by highly trained individuals at all levels, both in the community and at school. The main focus of this paper is to have a close examination of sexual education from political/policy, socioeconomic, social/ behavioral perspective, and statistical/epidemiological.

Research Questions

  • What are the current trends in sexual education?
  • Should boys and girls be taught together?
  • How do sexual education influence individuals' behavior?
  • How does politics influence sexual education?
  • What is the impact of sexual education on the socio-economic development of a country?
  • Research Objectives and Statement of Problems
  • To examine current trends in sexual education
  • To investigate whether boys and girls should be taught together
  • To examine the influence of sexual education on an individual's behavior
  • To examine the influence of politics on sexual education
  • To investigate the impact of sexual education on the socio-economic development of a country

The primary purpose of the research will be to focus on working towards achieving objectives. Hence, the researcher will have addressed the research questions. In the end, the research exercise will have solved the primary research problem; examine sexual education from political/policy, socioeconomic, social/ behavioral, and statistical/epidemiological perspectives.


Krebbekx, W. (2018). What else can sex education do? Logics and effects in classroom practices. Sexualities, 22(7-8), 1325-1341. doi: 10.1177/1363460718779967

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