Report on Harmony and Discord: Exploring Justice, Race, and Humanity in 'Twelve Angry Men and Women'

Published: 2024-01-23
Report on Harmony and Discord: Exploring Justice, Race, and Humanity in 'Twelve Angry Men and Women'
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"Twelve Angry Men and Women" is a consolidated lyrical and talk presentation that positively touches the human race and dignity. For one time over the years, Billie, through his not-for-gain theatre talk and the solely live presentation run without discrimination based on color and ethnicity, revived hope in people, especially the African Americans who most of the time have been victimized and intimidated without clear justice procedures. Now having watched this fantastic live performance, I eventually fell in love and was highly attracted to watch how police apply extra power and unnecessary authority on the indigenous people (Indians as so-called by Billie) as the black Americans. The performance through the act of authority extra-judicial killing left me very disappointed because gone are the days when the police could apply such force to the common citizen who is actually un-hammed, and one way or the other feels to be protected by the same force.

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The production itself has been creative enough that bring out humor, creating a nostalgic atmosphere for the audience. However much the production team looked very composed and very organized, the play focuses too much on police and black Americans when in a real sense, even the white Americans feel that to some extent, they are also being intimidated without justice. Most of the Audience in this scenario became bored and felt that the play could have covered the universal human race.

The background sirens of the play, as organized by the performance team, were the most fanatic and creative part of the play that made the audience attentive. The other aspect that really impressed the audience was the perfect link between the actors and those who played the band. The initial video, as shown by the theatre team on "Black Lives Matter," was a good coordination performance and a relevant presentation. The roads look so decorated that however busy one is, sparing a minute to understand the message may never be an issue. The team anticipated every action in the play and looked very composed, more so the sparing affections the Benedick and lady Beatrice. The play was adequately practiced, and the audience could clearly predict what was going to happen next based on their audibility and how loud the music was. Notwithstanding that, the role played by the whistleblowers was brilliant, especially when they raised attention to masters and didn't give their juniors the chance to expression themselves.

The play was as specific and direct as it all the time focuses on how black person is intimidated, actually as was expecting the story to cover all races because it's not in America where the story will forever be played, but it is expanding. Towards the last part of the play, the siren played was not right because not all audience members are so adaptive to the ululation kind of siren which shows danger or a miserable situation, so the bit ought to have played a favorable and adaptive noise. The play got interesting, but the audience strained to watch because the kinds of arrangements were skewed and very accommodating. A lot of time was used in attracting lyrics and video representation, yet the same thing was available in the performance script.

"Twelve Angry Men and Women' is a good play, very interesting and fantastic to spend your time watching. The overall choreography of the play is excellently balanced as all the actors and actresses hit a uniform tone. This story has a lot of lessons that are presented in a unique way, so watching it is the best phenomenon ever.


Live Performance. (n.d). Twelve Angry Men and Women.

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