Reflective Tasks on Academic Writing, Free Paper Sample

Published: 2022-04-08
Reflective Tasks on Academic Writing, Free Paper Sample
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Reflective Task 1

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I had not prepared well for the presentation, but we had a mock presentation where I focused mostly on improvisation. However, the simulated presentation helped me to prepare for the final performance.

My presentation had a clear structure. I labeled each section with a title, which makes it easier for the reader to locate specific information.

In the presentation, I tried as much as possible to avoid ambiguity. I focused on writing clear and objective sentences. Additionally, I placed essential ideas in a bold format for emphasis.

All the ideas and the examples in the presentation were supported with evidence quoted from various credible sources.

I utilized a variety of sources for the presentation. I used books, web sources, and scholarly journals to support my ideas. At the end of the demonstration, was the reference section where I arranged the sources according to Harvard formatting style.

I managed to answer questions from the audience with confidence and ensured the whole presentation was interactive.

I tried my best and maintained eye contact with the audience to display confidence in my presentation.

I am used to speaking fast, so during the presentation, I tried to minimize the pace, but I was a bit quick.

I had difficulties in time management. I discovered that I had focused on some slides more than the other slides. I failed to allocate equal time to each slide to maintain a good flow.

The slides were clear. I utilized a simple colour that is attractive and not so bright to affect the eye. I used a black font for the presentation that was clear and adjusted to the proper size to enhance visibility. I did not use any animation effects on the slides because I thought they would be inappropriate for the presentation. All ideas were straight to the point, and I used bullet points to separate the concepts.

Earlier during the mock presentation, I had issues while presenting. However, during the final presentation day, I was confident and did not rely so much on the notes since I had a full understanding of the concept that I was discussing.

I combined both academic and informal language to attract the audience and reduce instances of boredom during the presentation. However, informal style was dominant in the whole demonstration. I expressed my ideas clearly to the audience since I am familiar with them.

I significantly utilized intonation during the whole presentation. I tried to change my voice and eye contact for emphasis and to draw the attention of the audience to various essential points.

I proofread the presentation a few times before presenting in front of the class. I eliminated all grammatical mistakes.

I will try to improve my time management skills by planning and outlining ideas in an organized manner to create cohesion. I will try to improve my academic language by watching various lecture videos, seminars, and read as many books as possible.

Reflective Task 2

Firstly, I wrote the thesis statement then wrote an outline for the presentation. I did not change the framework because I had found the necessary sources to support my ideas. Yes, I did write an essay plan. The plan played a significant role in planning and writing my presentation. The essay plan enabled me to ensure ideas in the demonstration flow appropriately.

No, the topic was general, and I utilized the internet to locate relevant sources for the presentation. I found plenty of information without struggling. I also kept a record of all the sources for future reference and during the writing process.

I started the essay with an introduction. an introduction is essential during writing to provide the audience with an idea and focus on the presentation. After the opening section, I started a new paragraph where I focused on the body of the presentation. I was able to write a compelling thesis statement but after realizing during the first submission that the explanation was not convincing and I was prompted to change it during the resubmission to make it more appealing and eye-catching.

I did check the information. Additionally, the choice was to either support the internet or go against. For this case, I only chose sources that were against the internet. The focus of the presentation was to present the consequences of the internet; thus, to maintain objectivity, I had to introduce various opposing views, which I managed to incorporate successfully in the whole presentation.

I checked the paper for grammatical mistakes. The process was a bit challenging because it required me to read reread the presentation a few times. I did not manage to pay attention because of the repetitive nature of the process. However, I managed to correct all the mistakes during the resubmission. Additionally, I used citations; however, it was challenging because it was my first time to write using the Harvard style. I am used to APA style, so this new method posed some challenges during the writing process. I also submitted the draft before the deadline. I followed all the tutor's comments and addressed all the issues one after another to ensure the presentation is appropriate to be presented. I made significant improvements after reading the feedback from the tutor. I discovered some of the grammatical mistakes that I did not focus on before.

Academic writing is not an easy process if you fail to follow the proper guidelines. It is essential to follow all the steps for your paper to be approved as adequately written. A lack of topics to choose from was one of the most challenging aspects. More themes should be developed for students major. An increase in a variety of topics will make the research process enjoyable to the student. I would like to improve my ability to formulate proper arguments to support my essay. I will check out various research proposals and lecture videos to establish how arguments are designed and incorporated in the piece of writing.

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