Essay Example: Marketing Channel Conflicts in the Motorsports Industry

Published: 2023-04-23
Essay Example: Marketing Channel Conflicts in the Motorsports Industry
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Conspicuously, the aspect of conflict tends to be moderately a regular trend in the event of power exercise. For this reason, it typically seems to rise above all facets of human endeavor. Consequently, the event of product marketing is not an exemption. Regarding the fact that channel members function as detach, autonomous, and even contending forces, conflict often tends to settle in. Notably, the element of channel conflict, in most cases, generates advantages and disadvantages to the industries mutually.

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Markedly, this article identifies several major marketing concerns in the motorsports industry. Motorsports can get considered to be a vital constituent of the international entertainment industry that influences other primary industries (Gailey & Joyce). Precisely, some of these industries include the automobile manufacturing industry, the hospitality industry, and the tourism industry. Distinctively, the major marketing issues entail the following:

  • Goal disparities
  • Antagonism over channel possessions
  • Expectations deviation
  • Deficient role precision and Non-fulfillment of roles

Additionally, this article offers different ideas on the various techniques that ought to get utilized to curb marketing conflicts and predicaments. The ideas are as follows:

  • Establish a consistent sales and marketing policy - Fundamentally, both the sales and marketing groups ought to not operate as stand-alone duo entities. Conspicuously, they happen to be two portions of a whole. For this reason, the commercial growth policy ought to entail the two components.
  • Delineate the functions of every section in the industry role confusion happens to be one of the leading reasons for marketing conflict. To curb this predicament, a redefinition of functions must get carried out.
  • Delineate the business expectations for every role- Essentially will demand an establishment of key performance indicators that ought to get utilized in the event of gauging.
  • Enhance effective marketing communication- Notably, the aspect of miscommunication involving various sections of the industry habitually is dealt with using the appropriate techniques and tools. Primarily, it is done through the event of delineation of the responsibilities from the commencement, and secondly, ensuring a robust utilization of collaboration tools to ensure diverse sections of the industry are functioning harmoniously.

In essence, the above-suggested ideas carry with them both advantages and disadvantages. The primary benefits of the ideas outlined above include the following:

  • The ideas guarantee that all the parties implicated in the marketing conflict develop a feeling of being appreciated and comprehended. Remarkably, in the event of decisively listening to the individual's concerns, you disperse the resentment by consenting to liberated expression.
  • Besides, the ideas foster understanding, empathy, and mutual respect. The majority of marketing conflicts get created when the involved parties do not want to listen to each other. For this reason, they tend to miscomprehend the foundation of the other party's grounds for not giving in. Conversely, whenever the involved parties express the entirety of their conflicts, a sense of indulgence and mutual respect is achieved.

Nonetheless, the significant disadvantages of the above-listed ideas entail the following;

  • Apparently, the utilization of these ideas will consume a lot of time and effort to accomplish a resolution. In essence, the preferred upshot ought to be a win-win situation whereby a third party ought to examine through different considerations before obtaining a compromise. Notably, this event of impediment affects productivity in the industry, and in most cases, may augment apprehension and resentment.
  • Another disadvantage related to the ideas is that a result that guarantees a triumph for all parties involved may be problematic to achieve hence hindering the course for conflict resolution.
  • Regarding the marketing channel conflicts in the motor industry, it is quite evident that significant procedures and measures ought to get carried out to curb this menace. The following are my alternative ideas on the issues can be addressed appropriately and sufficiently:
  • Trade relations- For an industry to tackle channel conflict, it must establish different associations involving the channel associates. Apparently, this gets achieved with the aid of common membership amongst the intermediaries. Fundamentally, each channel party to function as a sole entity unanimously.
  • Diplomacy, Mediation, and Arbitration- In the event a conflict turns out to be very serious, then the involved parties ought to remedy the above techniques. Primarily, the aspect of diplomacy offers a platform whereby the parties involved in the conflict select one representative to determine the conflict. Secondly, mediation ensures an individual known as the third party gets implicated in resolving the conflict with the aid of their expertise in reconciliation. Lastly, arbitration takes place in the event all parties concur to submit their disparities to an arbitrator and consent to their resolution.
  • Legal resource: In the event the conflict turns out to be very critical, and it cannot get settled on with the aid of any of the above-stated techniques, the conflicting parties may decide to file a lawsuit.


Gailey, Edward D., and Joyce A. Young. "An examination of marketing channel conflict and cooperation in the motorsports industry." Journal of Marketing Channels 19.3 (2012): 212-228. Retrieved from

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