Essay Example on Rolls Royce and Nike Advertising

Published: 2022-12-18
Essay Example on Rolls Royce and Nike Advertising
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Lebron James Advertising for Nike

One person that I find particularly intriguing as an advertising spokesman is Lebron James, the Nike brand ambassador. Lebron James is a renown American basketball player who plays at the National Basketball Association representing his team, Los Angeles Lakers. He is known for his skillful playing and series of wins at the National Basketball Association tournament, and as a result, is indulged in lots of sportswear. Nike chose Lebron Kames to be their brand ambassador and inked Lebron James as the lifetime endorsee of the Nike brand towards the end of 2015. Today's competitive world requires company managers to hire advertising personnel to counter with rivalry through advertising by the use of effective communication strategies by popular individuals (Clow & Baack, 2016). This paper seeks to explain in detail some of the brands which use advertising spokespersons and those ones which do not utilize a spokesperson.

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From my standpoint, Nike made the right choice to endorse Lebron James as their advertising spokesperson. It is important to note that Nike and the NBA are inseparable since most of Nike Inc's shoes are designed for basketball and are suitable for the job. Lebron James is an esteemed player who is a role model and people would be excited to buy the shoes that the advertisers as a way of connecting with him or supporting him. Also, Nike always incorporates an NBA player because of the massive sales that come with it. Analysts indicated that the James deal would garner over one trillion dollars for Nike and be profitable to Lebron as well. The advertisement that I found compelling was when Nike featured LeBron's story in an attempt to boost its brand. The television commercial depicts how LeBron began humbly in 2003, and later on picked a lot of achievements including, four MVP titles, three NBA championships and opening a school in his hometown for the vulnerable youths (Nike TV Commercial, 'I Believe' Featuring LeBron James, Song by Aretha Franklin, 2018).

Rolls Royce

Some significant brands do not need to incorporate the use of an advertising spokesman because they are already popular among the clientele. It is the brand itself which sells as people are fascinated by its reputation in society as well as the good implications to those who have used it. One such brand is the Rolls Royce Company which does not incorporate advertising spokespersons or brand ambassadors. Rolls Royce is known for making luxury cars and benefits from its repute by wealthy customers. In my opinion, most individuals will never be able to afford a Rolls Royce, hence advertising to a broad audience would not be a cost-effective plan for their brand.

Since Rolls Royce is known for high-end costly cars, they usually advertise to people, independently, depending on their buying power. They prefer to advertise to the target market to create ways and desire for customers to buy their products. For instance, advertising in particular platforms or sending direct mails to zip codes to people who are speculated to have millions of dollars. Auto-consultant analyst proposes that prestige brands are almost too exclusive to be advertised, and advertising them is deemed to be irrelevant because they will not be able to sell until the exclusivity is done away with (Halliday, 2017). They could need some typical brand awareness from the general public, but they do not do it through advertising. Most of the awareness is created through celebrities, Television shows, and normal news media. Moreover, Rolls Royce as a luxury car brand, integrates a lot of marketing resources into the client's experience, instead of pending the resources on advertising mediums.


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