Essay Example in Criminal Law: Comparison of Crime Rate in NYC and China

Published: 2019-09-17
Essay Example in Criminal Law: Comparison of Crime Rate in NYC and China
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Crime refers to an illegal or unlawful act for which the violators are liable for punishment by the country's regime. In the last three years crime in New York City has been on the decline compared to China. Most of the prevalent crimes in China entails corruption, fraud, money laundering, drug and human trafficking as well as circulation of fake currencies within the state. Notably, law enforcement to curb intensity of crimes is critical and is executed by the pertinent countrys regime. This paper focuses on the comparison of crime rates between China and New York City within the last three years (Zimring, 2011).

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Increased crime rates in China can be attributed to government regulations that restrict obtainment of certain goods thus leading to the emergence of large black markets which provides the commodities illegally. This action of restrictions leads to increased demand for the prohibited goods thus organized crime groups from providing low quality and fake items thus increment in crime rates (Parker, 2013). However, it is notable that crime rates in New York City have currently been decreasing even as more people still believe that the city is becoming riskier. The report released by NYPD in 2015 indicates that there is a 2 percent decrease in rape, murder, robbery , burglary and car theft as compared with the previous year, this is the lowest ever record in a single year. NCPD projects that by the end of this year, they will record the safest year with reduced rate in modern history. Statistically, on Dec. 20 the police arrests record fell steeply to 333,115 a 13 percent decrease as compared to 384,770 over the same period in 2014. The only worrying trend was a slight increase in the number of murder cases that increased from 333 to 339 but still an improvement since 636 murders were recorded five years ago(Kelly et al., 1994).

The satisfying statistics are attributed to the adoption of CompStat, broken window policing as well as other tactics focused towards crime reduction. The good feature that comes with this system is that the police are able to track any incidence of crime within the shortest time the moment it occurs. The system also accommodates the name of the victim, the exact day that the crime was committed, relevant information on the crime and lastly the particulars that can enable security details to detect upcoming patterns that are related to crime. The computer generates the map that illustrates and gives information on where and when the crime is taking place in the whole city. The sophisticated technology with the help of GBS is able to pinpoint an exact place and relay to the police instantly. The police are then able to put in place proper resources that will be used to tackle the event strategically. Criminologists argue that the decreased crime rate in NYC is attributable to the policing tactic, halting of the crack epidemic as well as other controversial opinions such as legalization of abortion (Gottschalk, 2009).

However, China is ranked lower in crime rates compared to New York City for the past three years. There is no clear explanation why there is a more organized crime in New York. Some security experts say that the city has more organized crimes than China. These gang groups are formed on the basis on drug trafficking and most of them are rivalries since everybody want to dominate the black market. The availability of guns in New York City appears to amplify criminal activities in the city. An exemplary example of affirming this is that officials estimates murder rate in U.S.A to be five times higher than in China. The minimum age criminal responsibility in China ranges between 10 and 16 while in New York City it ranges between 6 and 12. Thus, it can be deduced that China is relatively safer compared to New York despite the decreased crime rate in the state. The judicial system in China is very efficient and convicts an approximate of 98% of the presented criminal cases (Parker, 2013). The police department is equipped with proper mechanisms of carrying out investigations within the shortest time possible to enable judges to make their rulings very fast. Notably, NYC criminal justice also adopted the arresting mechanism for the crime perpetrators which plays a crucial role in reducing crime rates in the city. Acquisition of importance to the New York City Police Department (NYCPD) has also contributed to the crime decline in the state since they are provided with all tools necessary to curb crime such as homicides, terrorism, robbery, rape and many other crimes. Through collaboration with various agents in security such as the FBI, the NYCPD has improved when it comes to gathering intelligence necessary to detect criminals within the city (Critchley, 2008).

Furthermore, the concept of valuing the police department as well as clear definition of their roles in New York City leads to improved performance in the department. This is observed via decreased rates of insecurity and death rates in the city. Enforcement of criminal laws to be maintained by the federal police in New York City also governs their activities and leads to improved techniques of handling crimes and the perpetrators. This implies that the New York City demography have increased confidence in the police department regarding peace enforcement in the city. In accordance with the 2015 ranking of fifty cities by The Economists, New York City emerged the 10th safest city globally and 28th rank in terms of personal safety. The improved quality of life, in collaboration with reduced rate of crime in the city, has improved the image of New York City dramatically (Critchley, 2008).

Quantifying the quality of life is difficult as compared to the crime rate, but it is clear that the vast population in the city experience less drama. One quantifiable indicator that clearly shows the enhanced quality of life in New York is the reducing number of arrest for individuals who are involved in narcotic related offenses. Furthermore, the reduced number of crime rates within schools in New York City has been on the decline and this is a clear indicator of quality life being enjoyed. In 2010, there were 1,658 reported Index Crimes FY 2011, 1,575 in FY 2012, 1,241 in FY 2013, 1,114 and in FY 2014, 956. Additionally, the police recorded the number lowest number of gang-related criminal activity in the year 2015. The population in NYC consists of the whites and the black Americans thus the issue of racism was prevalent. The black Americans are highly accused for crimes in comparison to the whites counterparts. This implies that issue of racism is high in New York City compared to China (Zimring, 2011).

To conclude, crime remains a major issue in New York. The essay has focused on the comparison of crime between the United States and China and at the same time has demonstrated the mechanism that has been put in place by NYCPD in reducing criminal activities. With more proper mechanisms put in place by the police department, such as focusing more on the causes of this crime rather than how to deal with them. The New York City is going to be one of the safest cities in the world.


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