Free Essay Sample on Aviation Maintenance Technology

Published: 2023-11-26
Free Essay Sample on Aviation Maintenance Technology
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Flight departments, maintenance, and flight operations have been in a hurry to adopt table technology. With the advancement of technology, there are both cons and pros, which may include increased cost of maintenance and increased productivity at the same time (Berecz, 2017). To stay on the toes, I must be conversant with the changing technological world. While some people argue that the aviation industry is not ready to change or swap into new technology, other industries are reaping the benefit of technology; thus, the aviation industry should change the culture while minimizing maintenance costs.

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Networking is crucial in any field, including in Aviation Maintenance Technology. Maintenance programs in the aviation sector have been changing with the advancement of technology. With the changing technology in the aviation sector, networking has become mandatory (Berecz, 2017). Its either you are left behind, or you engage in networking programs. Networking in the aviation industry is crucial as they help sharpen one's existing skills and knowledge or give you a new experience. While other companies or institutions may be working with low expertise as far as aviation maintenance is concerned, a community such as MRO operations can be resourceful.


I am currently a member of the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) and a Current Airframe and Powerplant Certified Licensee. I would want to join the professional organizations or network known as MRO Operations: Lean/Six Sigma-qualified aviation-maintenance subject matter expert. MRO operations are resourceful and beneficial organization that can enable me to grow career-wise. Further, the MRO issues lean/Six Sigma principles and techniques to their operation to attain the dramatic and performance improvements. Lean MRO, in partnership with the optimized maintenance program, allows the organization to remove the unnecessary task from their process- event critical path, promote the effectiveness of supply chain, increase the productivity of schedule maintenance actions, and team performance (Eiff, 2008). As such, the maintenance team promotes the information re-use, control hazard, and minimizes the time used to download data.

I plan to join the MRO because the lean/six sigma qualified aviation maintenance subject matter experts offer crucial insights relating to maintenance programs or schedules. The organization provides the knowhow regarding redesigning fleet maintenance schedules to minimize wasted effort resulting from irrelevant tasks (Hobbs, 2004). The MRO also aids in implementing the adaptable system response to the analysis of the FAA and the surveillance system.

Offering internship services at MRO will help me grasp and sharpen my skills. While working under different mentors, they will provide career advice and introduce me to many other people who matter in the industry. In most cases, a newly graduate individual has knowledge but lacks top-notch experience. Therefore, mentorship will be helpful, especially joining an organization that has various experts.


Joining networking clubs and conferences will help me deal with famous maintenance challenges such as memory failure, rule regulation, and knowledge-based error. A knowledge-based error has to with mistakes resulting from failed problem solving or lack of system knowledge. This type of error happens when a person is only using trial and error due to less experience. While mistakes may be encountered at the preparation stage, it mostly occurs during maintenance level. Some of the rules that might be violated include abbreviation procedures and approved maintenance documentation, among others. This form of rules violation mainly occurs when a person is not familiar with aviation maintenance networking organizations such as MRO.


A member of the Federal Aviation Administration must uphold the standards outlined by the institution. Through networking via conferences and clubs, I will learn more about the required technology implementation in aviation maintenance. Technologies related to 3 D printing part for Trent XWB-97 are remarkable, and not everyone in the industry has insights about it (Hines, 2015). Therefore, staying on the toes will sharpen my skills and remain on edge in this competitive aviation maintenance industry. The job market is so competitive that getting an excellent job requires top-notch skills. Networking and joining professional clubs is the best step to learn more about aviation maintenance technology.


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