Core Managerial Skills - Faculty of Law Admission Essay Sample

Published: 2020-06-10
Core Managerial Skills - Faculty of Law Admission Essay Sample
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My interest in law dates back several years when I was in high school, where I performed well in law-related courses. When I was in my senior level, I pursued law and excelled so much, and clearly, it seemed logical that I get to pursue law in my masters. Well, pursuing law would help me gain integrity and professional appreciation in the field of law.

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Working voluntarily as a lawyer has helped me gain a wealth of professional experience on core managerial skills. I have gained critical and analytical skills that are very essential for my career development. Both quantitative and qualitative analytical skills I have gained are very vital to provide the necessary fire power. With the critical skills, I am much able to know how to analyze, transform, and find information that put me in a pole position to build fine strategies and generate more effective decisions making process that will enable me excels further in my career. The critical thinking knowledge that I gained in my professional career will aid me to leverage priceless knowledge and hastily snatch hidden opportunities for development and achievement in my masters course.

The experience in drafting lengthy and complicated documents, reports and evidence of complex written communication are some of the core managerial skills that I also gained. Ability to perform well in the areas of written documents that are lengthy in the certain filed case within the court which are sometimes characterized by the complex nature is some of the documents I was dealing with. These were basic skill essentially needed in the most basic job role. I believe the mentioned skills are very helpful when I gain admission for the pursuing of masters in law since the experience will offer me a first-hand experience to handle matters at hand.

Time management is an essential skill that is required to be successful within the working setting. Completing tasks within a work place in time is very necessary and thus working in busy setting with lots of duties helped me to develop as an individual that delivery tasks in the appropriate time. The lengthy and multifaceted documents that I mostly handled offered me best of experience to handle assigned tasks in time. Meeting strict deadline within the work setting was very essential too; I managed well to handle such situations. About my course that involves much work and meeting strict deadlines for assigned tasks, I feel the knowledge I gained during working in the busy law court will be very essential to handle such situations.

Finally, another core managerial skill that I have is the experience in independent research, evidencing intellectual capabilities to research and resolve unknown complicated problems and situations. During the development of my career at the undergraduate level, I had the experience to conduct an independent research that has offered me the best platform for research activities.

To conclude, my selection of masters degree has been researched comprehensively, based on my existing studies in law and my professional experience in a busy work setting will enable me to excel in my course work. Therefore, I fully trust that when offered an admission in the faculty of law, I will perform better and make greater achievements in the field of law. I am self-assured that I have numerous personal attributes and key strengths that I can offer to the course.

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