Reflection Essay Sample on Research and Writing Skills

Published: 2023-01-03
Reflection Essay Sample on Research and Writing Skills
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Research and study have been my main focus as a novice researcher who is destined to achieving excellence from academic endeavors. The analysis allows one to transgress over different articles, books, thesis statements, and annotated bibliographies to obtain adequate based on the assignment at hand. During my course time, I have always remained to achieve the best from the articles read as well as the books studied during the course. My focus was to obtain the highest scores in all my course units as I make exemplary interaction with my colleagues for specific performance and realization of the outlined goals. As indicated in "Dancing Mind" reading allows one's mind to steadily develop in terms of experiences and accumulations based on the studied rationales. In my early days of the semester, I was optimistic of learning about new things as well as know the true meaning of hard work as reiterated in Farid and Saifuddin, (2018), writing and research skills, however, I have realized that this will be the best avenue for achieving my career capability and worth (Farid & Saifuddin, 2018). Personal interpretations and personal eventually after every attempt brings varied insights to hard work hard and it also gives one an opportunity to realize his dreams based on the learned information.

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I have always been a slow thinker especially on issues about instant creativity, but throughout the coursework, I have adversely sharpened as well as my critical analysis skills. For instance, instead of focusing on items which are not subject to human growth and academic development, I have always learned to ask "why" at different levels of my career development and enhancement. I challenged myself by reading several articles and research papers before indulging into my own. The approach gave me massive inspiration and boosts my career focus on goal realization. When I flashback at the beginning of the semester and the introduction of the unit, everything looked impossible though I was destined to achieve the best. I multiplied my effort and made connections with multiple books to heighten my academic prowess.

Writing had always been my main strength, but it became a challenge in taking the first step in my course interactions. Formulation of concrete and coherent ideas in a research study was hectic especially when the assignment requires many pages and paragraphs. However, as I steadily and gradually moved past five items, my mind has been dramatically opened. I have developed complex thinking as well as a specific method of sustaining logical reasoning in an organized manner. My writing and research skills have also become more increasingly concise with little skills in chronologically developing ideas. Similarly, my ability to reasoning and analysis of different research questions has adversely developed as further my exceeding focus. Furthermore, learning how to writing exemplary assignment based on the peer-reviewed journal articles has significantly widened my research scope, which has led to explicit writings of scholarly papers with valid references. Overall, my writing skills are so more enjoyable as compared to the past.

It is difficult to relate the gaps in specific research skills and my knowledge as a novice researcher, only because of variation in the citation which were not adequately discussed. I felt that I need to do more practice on quotes to improve my overall academic skills. I think it will be prudent if I explore more in articles format at a personal level to fasten my focus.


Farid, A., & Saifuddin, M. (2018). Designing IELTS Writing Material for Learners with Low Level of English Proficiency Based on Needs Analysis. Journal of Research in Foreign Language Teaching (JRFLT), 1(1).

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