Student's Survival Skills - Reflection Essay Example

Published: 2022-04-04
Student's Survival Skills - Reflection Essay Example
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This paper is a reflection on how the objectives of the student's survival course have affected me as a college student. This course is very valuable to me as a student and as a person. The skills and experiences acquired throughout this course are of great significance to me as a student and as a person. Of great emphasis are stress management skills, time management skills, listening skills, and money management skills. The applicability of these skills is not limited to the college environment but also to the outside world and this is what makes the experiences of this coarse so invaluable.

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The Students Survival Services projects initiated by the college play a very key role in ensuring the students welfare and academic development improve significantly. The SSS grant aid that is issued to the college is very important in helping students meet their daily expenses while in college. These funds have helped college students from low income backgrounds to pursue courses in sciences, technology, engineering and mathematics. The student's survival services projects have helped me develop better study skills, research techniques, and time management skills. Also, through these projects goal to help students in applying for scholarship and financial aid, I have had an easy time in meeting my college needs.

The use of different learning styles by lecturers such as recorded lectures, hands-on group projects, note taking and mobile material review in class has helped me maximize my potential as a learner and also enjoy my learning experience. In addition, this has helped me to better my grades and greatly improve the quality of my learning life.

Through the breakdown of time into academic time and personal time I have learned to utilize time well and ensure a healthy balanced life. This has helped me have enough time for sleep and yoga to ensure mental stability and physical fitness. Also, by pre-budgeting my meals, avoiding impulse buying, sharing expenses with my roommate and establishing a difference between essential and non-essential goods I have successfully managed to maintain a sturdy budget and save money while away from home.

I have learned a variety of tricks that stimulate the brain and help me in the observation of what I understand. Through mnemonics I am able to retain all kinds of information and create an imaginative approach towards subjects such as biology, chemistry and arts. The use of mind mapping techniques has helped me visualize concepts and express them as drawings; that would have been difficult if expressed as notes. Visualization and the presentation of thoughts in the form of drawings have made revision and brainstorming easy.

Finally, through the use of note making skills, I am able to identify key points in comprehensions and voluminous texts. This helps me in summarization and absorption of vast quantities of information with ease and thus save time. Also, learning on effective listening has helped me improve my understanding and conversation skills. I noticed that I have developed patience in listening to others and this has helped me better my arguments.

Overall, the Students Survival Services course has helped me learn a great deal of life skills that are essential in everyday life. Skills such as time and money management skills will help me improve my budgeting and expenditure in the future. This course has helped lay down a foundation for the future through acquiring the necessary skills for survival.

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