Essay Sample: Impact of Social and Personal Factors

Published: 2019-10-01
Essay Sample: Impact of Social and Personal Factors
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The main goal of the scavenger hunt that we kept in our minds is to strengthen the bonds between us. Additionally, we were able to work as a team towards a specific goal. The overall overview was to analyze the impact of social and personal factors on human interactions.

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Maria was the time keeper. The scavenger hunt was supposed to last two and a half hours through the city from the school. Maria was in charge of ensuring that each activity doe not last longer than intended. She executed the task well. She outlined specific time duration for certain tasks and alerted members to move on when time was up. After two hours and thirty three minutes, we were back to the school having completed all the activities. She did a good coordination job as she ensured that all the members were aware of the time they were to take on each task.

Evi was the photographer of the day. She was in charge of shooting images of the items that the group had found, as listed on the scavenger hunt task list. She was to take an original image of each of the items. The images due for consideration after the scavenger hunt finish. Evi was efficient as in some shoots; she had to convince individuals to pose for her photo shoot. Some of the people were willing, while others were not. She took as many shoots as she could and the group had to select the best. She made sure she involved the other members in the photography for example in the one that we were boarding a bus. Using the selfie stick, she had two photos of the group members, one in the most relaxed mood and the other while we were at haste to go back to our tasks. Overall, Evi proved to be a good photographer.

Jasmine was the creative director. She organized all the sessions and identified the photo opportunities. She had to ensure that all requirements from the hunt were met. Some photo opportunities attracted more bonus than the others. Jasmine had to find these opportunities and point them out. For instance, there were bonuses for photos with strangers, elderly and the like. She had to ensure that all scenarios as accounted for by the hunt requirements were photographed by Evi. Jasmine did quite well especially by the fact that she had to collaborate closely with Evi so as not to miss an opportunity in the photo shoot. The two seemed to work hand in hand with one spotting and the other shooting.

Kasia took the leadership role. She was in charge of group decisions. Before the scavenger hunt, Kasia had a brief meeting with the rest of the members. She informed them on the activities of the day. She outlined the specific spots in the city that we were required to visit. As such, she coordinated the transport to and fro and organized for snacks for the group. Her overall role was to oversee that all other members took their tasks seriously.

Maria was the navigator. Her role was included finding the best route towards a spot. It also had to be the shortest in order to save time. Maria organized the activities that we went from one place to the other closest to the previous one.

Team dynamics played a big role in crowning the success of the scavenger hunt. All members played their roles right and enabled the team to finish in time. Each member carried specific items needed for the hunt and none forgot. We realized that we lacked nothing in the shoot. The implication is that cooperation is significant in the accomplishment of any project.

For a community to succeed, each member must play their roles efficiently. The group members roles were defined according to passion. This means that personal factors in this sense passion play a great role in accomplishment of roles assigned. All members had to be sociable to the people they met in order to get the best shoots. Social skills came in handy.

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